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23-Quart Pressure Canner and Cooker

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From the manufacturer

23-Quart Pressure Canner and Cooker

Presto 23-quart Pressure Canner and Cooker

23-Quart Pressure Canner and Cooker

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Deluxe pressure gauge

Home pressure canning

Instruction/recipe book included

Deluxe pressure gauge automatically registers the complete range of processing pressures. This precise measurement is especially important at higher altitudes.

Designed for easy, confident home pressure canning. The only method recommended safe for canning meats, vegetables, poultry, and seafood.

Complete 80-page instruction/recipe book included. Contains easy-to-follow instructions for canning and pressure cooking plus recipes and processing times. It also includes a canning/cooking rack.


Examples of food made with the 01781 23-Quart Pressure Canner and Cooker


Product sizing and callouts for the 01781 Presto Pressure Canner and cooker.

National Presto Industries, Inc. has stood the test of time!

Founded in 1905 in Eau Claire, WI.

The company created the first saucepan-style pressure cooker in 1939.

Predicting the needs of consumers...

Founded in 1905 in Eau Claire, WI.

It is a respected producer in the housewares and small electric appliance industry.

The company created the first saucepan-style pressure cooker in 1939.

Its first electric appliance came in 1948 with the Presto Vapor Steam Iron; the first steam iron to use tap water instead of costly distilled water. In 1956, Presto introduced a complete line of fully submersible electric cooking appliances employing the first removable heat control. Other notable innovations include the PrestoBurger hamburger cooker in 1974, the FryBaby electric deep fryer in 1976, the SaladShooter electric slicer/shredder in 1988, and the Pizzazz pizza oven in 2000.

Predicting the needs of consumers…

…and then fulfilling those needs through consistent product innovation and quality manufacturing has been the objective of National Presto Industries for over 100 years, and it will continue to be in the years ahead.

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21.77 Liters



Closure Type

Outer Lid



Finish Type

Stainless Steel

Special Feature



1000 watts

Product Dimensions

15.4 x 15.1 x 14.8 inches

Item Weight

12 pounds

Control Method


Operation Mode


Is Dishwasher Safe






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10 reviews for 23-Quart Pressure Canner and Cooker

  1. ANV Ohio

    I just received my unit and although I have not used the unit, I have read the book completely and called presto and they say there’s no need to have the gauge checked. If it’s new, it’s ready go to, just follow the cleaning instructions on page 6 and 7 of the book. They also state there’s no reason to buy another 15lb rocker because it comes with one. I ordered the extra rocker for $12 but the unit came last night and has a 15lb rocker in it. Pressure regulator would be the better more proper term, not rocker. I also work in the air pressure industry for a living and we rarely test our gauges unless something obvious is happening and we have variable testing at our facility that goes from 10psi to 300 psi, which that kind of pressure can be dangerous. So I’m not sure why people think they need to get their gauge tested. Even if the gauge is faulty, the rocker is going to rock at 15lbs and never let the pot get higher than this. Additionally, the books states there is a vent pipe (page4) is the “primary pressure relief valve and will release pressure in excess of 15 pounds. The pressure regulator sits loosely on the vent pipe.” That’s a quote. So this unit is designed to be at 15 lbs or below which the pot can handle. I’m not sure why anyone would blow the lid off unless they rolled their rubber ring, their ring was old or not seated properly or the top was not locked. Again, I haven’t used the unit yet, and will follow up soon with a review on that, but from my perspective, I’m going to can tomatoes over the next couple of days and that is 11 lbs of pressure which means I will need my gauge and my rocker should never rock. I have to play with the heat to find where my stove dial holds the pot at 11 lbs and make sure I never see the pressure regulator move or that means the pot has reached 15 lbs. ?? Some of these reviews were confusing and also caused me to buy a 15 lb regulator that came with the unit. It seems unnecessary. ?? Sure seems it’s ready to go out of the box, no need to check or buy another item.Okay, I went home and used it last night. I have updates. First, this is a great unit. I can’t imagine anyone blowing the lid off if you align it and lock it down. I filled it with water, put it on and ran it up to 15 lbs of pressure. On my stove it took 19 minutes to get there but that’s going to vary. I think I understand why people suggest getting the variable weight. In my case, I can a lot of tomatoes. I need this at 10-11 pounds for 15 minutes. I either have to play with the heat setting on my stove to get it to stay at 10-11 pounds, while keeping an eye on it, OR if you buy the rocker weight that is 5-10-15 lbs, you can take it apart, make it a 10 lb rocker and just set it and forget it. I see the logic but don’t think that makes buyin the other part necessary, it just saves a little time. Plus, for tomatoes, they suggest 11 lbs. If you are anal and want 11, the variable weight can’t do that. if you don’t mind 10-11 pounds, no big deal. Either way, I didn’t take my cooker to have the gauge tested, This is ready to go out of the box. Just make sure and put a little oil on the ring to keep it in good shape and you might just want to have a back up ring on hand as the unit ages so that on that weekend you want to can, if the ring splits, you slide the new one in and keep going. Great unit and it’s HUGE! I love it.Another update…this baby is getting a good workout. Canned a bunch of sauce last night, working on more as I type. We bought the additional weight/rocker that you can make 5-10-15 pounds. Put it at 10 pounds and let it pressure for 16 minutes. Gets the tomato sauce in the jars up to 240 degrees killing all that might be present. Great pressure canner. Highly recommend. Again, still don’t understand how anyone could blow the lid off if you align this properly. No blown lids here. Just gotta read the book and use it properly I think.Another update – well, we’ve done 7 gallons of roma tomato sauce, 5 quarts a session and this pressure canner is great. It’s so easy to lock the lid. I’ve also realized it has a special lock that when pressure starts to build, but even before it can be read on the gauge, the lock pops up and there’s no way you can open this canner with pressure so no danger. I will say that when my 16 minutes at 11 lbs for tomato sauce are up, I take a kitchen knife and lean the pressure rocker over to let the steam out quickly. Within 4-5 minutes, all the pressure has bleed out, the lock goes back down and I take the lid off. This is not in the book, but I was just dying to see how the jars looks. As I took them out, they were still boiling and we put a laser temp gauge on them and they were reading 210-215. Given the heat was turned off over 4-5 minutes ago, it’s reasonable to assume it was indeed up to 240 which is what is needed to kill all the stuff for tomato sauce. Keep in mind, this is different for every food, for every size and for every elevation. So read the book for your food and it will tell you what to do. I recommend citric acid as well as the adjustable pressure regulator (rocker) and a canning kit, particularly to get the jars out. Taking them out at 215 degrees is careful business. But it’s cool to see them boiling inside the jars. And within 10 minutes, they are down to 160 which is when the ‘tinning’ or vacuming starts. As you know, the cooling is what causes the air tight seal, not the pressure canning. Pressure canning is to raise the temp up high enough to kill all the germs, when you take them out, they do the tinning sounds and you can hear all the tops going ting, ting…..ting…then you know you are getting a great seal!

  2. mar1180

    I’m a newbie to canning and grabbed this and I have to say I love pressure canning more than water bath canning! I’ve canned beans, corn, broth, tomato sauce and probably more but I can’t remember. It’s a great canner and very safe. Watch some YouTube videos on how to use!

  3. Sid Bitters

    I use it mainly for sterilizing in mycology production. It’s just a pressure cooker and works as it should. I have used one before several tomes so I was familiar with how to use it.

  4. Ashley Spencer

    The pot and lid are great. The lock works fine. It’s very well made. However, this new style pressure regulator/weight sucks. I hate it and it’s only 10 lbs. it doesn’t maintain pressure and “rattle” like it’s supposed to. It gets stuck and pressure continues to build. K have an electric stove so it much harder to lower the heat before the pressure gets higher than needed.

  5. David and Siena Allen

    We’ve been water bath canning for two years now. Decided to up our game and buy this. I was a little apprehensive but after our first go I feel confident. Totally safe and lid locks great. Going to make batches of soups, chili and sauce to put up!

  6. Amazon Customer

    The pressure cooker is good enough for now, reasonably priced, I had couple of issues but problems got solved very quickly. The 5 stars are actually for Sheryl from presto customer service.Thank you

  7. John C.

    great 23 qt pressure cooker and canner, got a good price too

  8. Heather L

    Never pressure canned before, this was my first purchase. Instructions were clear and I used the pressure canner 4 times this summer. I even used the canner for water bath as the pot was super deep. For being a newbie and not knowing what’s out there, I would say this does everything I wanted it too.

  9. Regina

    I love this canner, it is a great! I have already used it a lot to put up our garden foods. Thank you! Would definitely recommend and buy another one

  10. cxl033

    Read lots of recipes, each person may write a slightly different process. Or give you more info some videos skip through to speed up the video. First time was a bit scary or nerve racking. I don’t see a steady stream of steam, one person said you may not “see” but make sure water in canner is at steady boil, wait 10 min then add weight or the stopper that comes with this unit. It’s been fun trying new things. I cook for myself so now I don’t need to eat a whole pot of anything in a week. Perfect for grab and go, perfect for prepping. I also ordered a set of trays so I can stack more pints. Cook/ prep the foods you know you are going to eat. I am trying to change my habits I’m canning the food I like to eat daily and if I can 14 pints 10 are to store and 4 are to have in my pantry. If I can twice a month I’ll have a good rotation. It’s not cheap to start out so start out slow. Also my two large burners ( glass top stove) heat differently. You may like one over the other. The pot is large so a bit of a pain to fit in sink to clean. Line up the arrow on the lid to seat it and twist.

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