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90L Large Storage Bags, 6 Pack Clothes Storage Bins Foldable Closet Organizer Storage Containers with Durable Handles Thick Fabric for Clothing, Blanket and more

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From the brand –

90L Large Storage Bags

90L Large Storage Bags, clothes storage

90L Large Storage Bags. Storage Make Life Easier

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‎2.73 pounds

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‎23.62 x 17.72 x 13.78 inches

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‎Large Storage Bags


‎6 Pack







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‎Large Storage Bags*6

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10 reviews for 90L Large Storage Bags, 6 Pack Clothes Storage Bins Foldable Closet Organizer Storage Containers with Durable Handles Thick Fabric for Clothing, Blanket and more

  1. KABL46

    These bags are wonderful – a little larger than I expected so I’m using them to store blankets, sheet sets, pillows. I love the window in front so you can see what’s in the bag without labeling. Very nice, easy to use; would recoommend.

  2. ermal

    When it arrived, I was pleasantly surprised that it was actually what was shown on the review! My closet used to have these old boxes to store blankets, extra clothes, scarfs, etc. I wanted my closet to have a modern look, so I ordered these. I am very happy with the quality of these! It gives a new and fresh look to my closet, and I love it so much! It was a little confusing to open up, but after a while it wasn’t too hard.

  3. Purehoneyus

    I am packing to move and I put all my big fluffy towels, Hand towels and washcloths all in one bag. And another one I put all my smaller rugs from the kitchen, bathroom, and in front of doorways. One is going to hold all my bedding probably is big enough to also put my two big pillows in the same one! These are marvelous and the best part is the plastic see-through window so I don’t have to play guessing games when I’m trying to find some thing. I am also going to use one to put all of my clothes in because they will all fit in one, that’s how big they are!

  4. Tishtrya

    I purchased these for clothes and blanket storage. These bags are just that, a breathable bag with a zipper. They are not water proof or even water resistant. I don’t care, that’s not what I need them to be. Since I have no flooding issues and I’m storing these on shelves they work perfectly fine. They are not a heavy canvas, they are lightweight but strong enough for the job I needed them for. They hold much more than one would think they could, I was able to stuff them full. The side handles made it easy to carry the heavily filled bag and they held fast with no separation of where the handles were stitched onto the bag. The zipper worked well with no issues, even though I had to pull the two sides of the zipper together to get it to close. The zipper did not separate open even though it was stressed. I really like the clear plastic “window” on the front of the bag so I can easily see the contents without taking the bags down and rooting through them. A bit of a downside regarding these bags is that they do not hold their shape once stuffed. There is no stiff bottom form or sides so when the bags are filled they become a misshapen blob resembling a rectangle so they are difficult to stack more than two at a time. They become more of a pile than a stack. However they hold a ton more than a plastic tote can and they’ll protect my seasonal clothing and extra blankets from dust while keeping them organized. They are a well made lightweight breathable storage bag and the price is reasonable as well!

  5. cheri kelly

    Nice and roomy. But could be a little sturdier. It doesn’t quite stand up straight. I don’t think you can stack them on top of each other. But I’m going to try and see how they sit on top of each other.

  6. John P.

    These are actually great stores bags/ bin. I keep heavy bed linnens and bath towels in them . The material is thin and very strong. The zippers are strong and durable as well. Often containers don’t allow for a bit extra space were the zippers are concerned and end up popping. These seem to be well thought out. Understand these are completely flexible and not and solid walled box. They will stack fine with a bit of finesse. About 4 high is plenty before a potential avalanche can happen. They come in various size ,so no issue there. I have King size comforters in the large and I can fit pillow cases and a blanket with them . Fear not with this purchase.

  7. Melissa Burrell

    I haven’t put the clothing in mine yet and that’s the reason I purchased mine! But they seem to be what the description said about them! I am looking forward to sorting through all of my clothing to separate and store what I wanna keep or discard and these are gonna give me a place to put each type into like to big, to little, don’t wear or dressy types! I recomend these so far unless when I do put stuff in them they start tearing up!!

  8. Kristina

    I needed these bags to separate kids clothes by size for a neighborhood yard sale. But I also needed to limit the space they took up during the preparation/storage process. It was easy to bring them out when the kids went to bed and set them up spaciously to organize and it was easy to zip them up, move them and push them under the bed when I was done. They were easy to carry with the handles on the sides and, the view window was perfect for quick identification.

  9. Kassandra C. Salinas

    These bags offers a perfect solution for my storage. I was able to put my seasonal items like summer clothes, comforters, jeans, pillows, etc. I also was able to put the stuff animals my children were playing when they were young but I did not have the heart to throw away for sentimental reasons.put in my shed. I like the part that I can see thru what I placed inside. Once filled up, I was able to carry it to my shed, because the bags were light. My shed Easily created more space because it was neatly place.I would probably order again for my daughter.

  10. Loop

    I ordered these thinking I can return them if the quality is not there (I looked at similar ones for twice the cost). I’m absolutely keeping them! They are really nice, large, with a good quality zipper. Versatile too – I’ve used them to store extra bedding in the guest room, out of season clothing, and beach stuff. They fit perfectly on the top shelves in my closet (the ones I can’t reach so they usually just hold piles of things that occasionally fall on my head). I use the little clear window to write what’s in the bag with a dry erase marker and I love them!

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