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Air Compressor, 6 Gallon, Pancake, Oil-Free with 13 Piece Accessory Kit

(10 customer reviews)


From the manufacturer –

Air Compressor 6 Gallon

 Air Compressor 6 Gallon

Air Compressor 6 Gallon

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About Us

We’re CRAFTSMAN, an authentic American icon. For nearly a century we’ve been the brand homeowners, home builders, auto enthusiasts, and master mechanics trust. Today’s CRAFTSMAN continues that legacy. At CRAFTSMAN, we believe that time spent with tools should be time well spent. CRAFTSMAN users look for reasons to get their hands dirty. They take pride in every accomplishment from the simplest oil change to coaxing a few more horsepower from their favorite ride.

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‎120 Volts

Special Feature

‎Oil Free

Maximum Power

‎0.2 Horsepower


‎6 Gallons


‎W/ Blow Out Plug

Air Flow Capacity

‎2.6 Cubic Feet Per Minute

Item Package Quantity


Special Features

‎Oil Free



10 reviews for Air Compressor, 6 Gallon, Pancake, Oil-Free with 13 Piece Accessory Kit

  1. AJ Thomas

    No disappoint here!

  2. jb

    One on the negatives on the reviews was people complaining that it would not hold the air after sitting for days. The manual said to have the best result was to discharge the air in the tank after use. Following that advise, the unit was worked well as I hoped

  3. Joe mazza

    Great product very happy with buy

  4. Schaefer

    Bought this for my son’s birthday. He loves it.

  5. Lucas De La Vega

    I would recommend this is you need a compressor for hvlp spray gun, it does the job very well just loud

  6. Ketchup

    Just got this today.Think it took about two or three minutes to pressurize the tank to 150 psi and it shut off as it’s supposed to.It added 10 pounds to several tires as if I were at an old gas station with real air pumps.Then I went ahead and charged it back to 15 and carried it out to my truck in the yard and added 10 pounds to a tire without being plugged in, then I added five pounds to four camper tires. No waiting. Pumped them all right up fast.Then I dug an old air ratchet out and plugged it in. Seemed to work, but I didn’t put in under a load. I would guess if I used it much that I would listen to the pump run all the time and have to wait for it to catch up sometimes because it uses a lot of air.It wasn’t as loud as I feared. Makes some pretty good noise, but the tone is low and deep which makes it less annoing than other devices that make same decibles.Felt pretty high quality to me for what I would use it for. Tires, occassional transmission pan removal with an air wrench etc.

  7. Amber

    I originally bought this because I got a bicycle and didn’t want to use a manual pump to air up the tires. FYI, this is far above what you’d need to air up your bike tires. Actually that was just the justification that day. It does so many other things, and my favorite thing right now is being able to use it to air up my car’s tires – no more waiting in line at the gas station to use the air pump that may or may not be working, the valve doesn’t work, and it takes like $2 in quarters to fill up your tires. I also use it in my workshop/crafting area in the garage to blast dust off surfaces. (And possibly to get rid of some spiders/webs in the corners without having to get too close.) I’m looking to get an air brush soon to use with it soon as well!So as a newbie to air compressors though, it was pretty easy to set up – I just wish the instruction manual had made a bit more sense. I ended up looking up some videos on YouTube that helped me understand what the two different dials were for and what they info on them meant.Once it was up and running though – be warned, it is LOUD. However I’m not sure if it is any louder than other compressors, I just wasn’t prepared for it. Also it does provide some jump scares occasionally while using – once it hits the requested pressure, it shuts off (makes sense, that’s a safety thing). However, what I wasn’t prepared for, was it turning back on to regain pressure again after using for a bit. I jumped, not going to lie. I still occasionally flinch, but I’m getting more used it to it as I use it more.I haven’t had a need for the dual connections yet, but it does seem like something that would come in handy if you use a lot of air-powered tools.The accessory kit… it’s kind of hit and miss. It has some really useful pieces, if they’d fit together better. I had to use two wrenches to attach the Schrader valve attachment to the quick connect adapter – the rubber sealant on the adapter was just slightly too thick to screw together easily with bare hands – found that it leaked air a lot at that point. Using the wrenches made it easier. (Getting new adapters from the store and a little teflon tape was the easiest. No more air leaks!)This little compressor is easy to empty with the valves when finished, but be sure to unscrew the drainage valve if it will be sitting a while. You don’t want the inside corroding from moisture built up! It’s pretty lightweight, so I am able to put it up on a higher shelf without issue.

  8. sassafrass

    I got this unit to set up MTB tubeless tires that are hard to inflate. This unit more than handles the task using just the shraeder valve head that came with the unit and a presta valve adapter. The unit is portable and somewhat small. It is portable and easy to maneuver. The pump is loud when working but nothing beyond a normal air compressor.

  9. Dorkydavid

    As I mentioned in previous reviews, I recently downsized and ended having an online auction company come into my house and wiped me out of so many tools that I wasn’t ready to part with. Unfortunately, on the day they came to categorize my stuff, I was sick in bed with a high fever and was unable to oversee what they ended up auctioning off. Two of the items that were auctioned off were both of my air compressors. I find air compressors great to have around as you never know when you’re going to walk out to your vehicle only to see a flat tire. So I decided to invest in a new air compressor but one with all the necessary hoses and accessories. It gives me great peace of mind that I will end up stranded in my garage with a flat tire. I’m very happy with the model I chose especially since it comes with all the necessary accessories. I do wish it had wheels but I couldn’t find a model with wheels and all the necessary accessories. To be honest, I kinda get confused with air compressors that don’t include all the accessories. I’m not a mechanic so I didn’t need a compressor that I would use on a daily basis. This Craftsman model basically has everything I need and it’s not too heavy to carry although I don’t plan on carrying it anywhere. So I’m giving it a positive review for folks who would like to have an air compressor but kinda get confused by the necessary accessories.Follow up. Today I finally “tested” the air compressor. It worked fine but I was unable to insert the hose and fittings unless the tank was empty. Even when I assembled everything, I found the part that you use to connect to a tire valve was not air tight despite having what I refer to as plumber’s tape on the threads. Note that where the hose connects to the air compressor was air tight. So I think I need to use a couple of pliers or wrenches to better tighten the accessories. I did try needle nose pliers but they only helped a little bit. I should mention that it still would fill a flat tire in it’s present condition. I also could easily reduce the pressure produced by the air compressor as I believe that would reduce the “leak” at the accessories into the hose. I still recommend this unit as I believe I’ll be able to make the accessories more air tight. I should also mention that I have significant arthritis in my hands so perhaps someone without arthritis would not run into the problems I did. One nice accessory is an “air gun” which is strong enough to air clean the floor of the garage by spraying the garage floor to the outside with the garage door open. Just make sure any “lightweight” items are on shelves.

  10. Tjackson

    This Craftsman 6 gallon compressor is light, quiet and fills up very quickly. Great for inflating tires and nailing! I highly recommend this if you are looking for a 6 gallon compressor.

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