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Crockpot Electric Lunch Box, Portable Food Warmer for On-the-Go, 20-Ounce, Blush Pink

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From the manufacturer –

Crockpot Electric Lunch Box

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Crockpot Electric Lunch Box

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Take Your Favorite Meals On the Go

Conveniently sized and perfectly stylish, the Crockpot Lunch Crock is ideal for carrying and warming your leftovers, oatmeal, soup, and more on the go. Whether you’re working from home, on a road trip, or at the office, it makes heating and eating your food easy.

Key Features:

  • 20-oz. size makes it perfectly portable
  • Detachable cord
  • Seal & Store lid
  • Sphinx Pink finish
  • Soft-touch exterior
  • Dishwasher-safe

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Convenient and Easy to Use

Crockpot Electric Lunch Box, size



20-Oz. Size

Perfectly sized individual meals. Easily holds and warms soup, chili, leftovers, and more.

Detachable Cord

Cord detaches easily for clutter-free storage.

Seal & Store Lid

Take it on the go with confidence. The tight-sealing lid helps to prevent spills.

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Sphinx Pink Finish

Features a modern-vintage aesthetic, and elegant Sphinx Pink color.

Soft-Touch Exterior

Matte rubberized coating for a modern soft-touch exterior.


Cleanup is easy: the food storage container and inner lid are both dishwasher-safe.

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Package Dimensions

6.65 x 6.5 x 6.5 inches

Item Weight

1.87 pounds





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10 reviews for Crockpot Electric Lunch Box, Portable Food Warmer for On-the-Go, 20-Ounce, Blush Pink

  1. Courtney

    I use my lunch crockpot several times a week. It is so handy to put my food in while I’m working and feel like I have a home cooked meal come lunchtime rather than something microwaved. Works for all different types of food and it hasn’t let me down yet. It’s also a huge hit with my coworkers who think it’s the most adorable little thing!! A couple have bought one for themselves too!!

  2. Stephanie

    I received the version that the inside lid doesn’t screw on but just snaps in and found the the lid was constantly popping off. So I decided to buy another one but one when the lid screws on and let me tell you.. I LOVE IT! The biggest problem that it does get a little too tight and it does become hard to unscrew but so far that is my only complaint! I have only brought chili and soup so far but it’s awesome that I don’t have to fight over the microwave! My food is so hot and it never burns! All of my coworkers have become jealous of this little thing! I bought the matte green one but will definitely being buying another one so my husband can have one as well!

  3. Sir Baron Hill

    I’ve used this a couple of times so far. The 20 oz is the perfect serving size. I plug it when I get to work and within a couple of hours the food is nice and warm. It’s not scalding hot and stays warm till the food is gone. The longest I’ve kept it on is around 4 hours.The cord is short but if it were any longer you wouldn’t be able to wrap it around the bottom of the crockpot.I highly recommend getting one if you like your food to be the perfect temp.

  4. Dave Rosencrans

    I poured in an entire can of Campbell’s Chunky beef and potato stew. 53 minutes later it was so hot I had to let it cool down. The outside is understandably warm, but obviously there’s a handle to assist with that. This was an Amazon risk and I’m glad I took it. Soup tasted better than microwaving it. I don’t mind waiting, especially since I can turn it on at 10:30 or 11:00 and have piping hot lunch by noon!

  5. Reviewer #12345 Lol!

    This Crockpot is amazing. Tested it out on left over chili. Straight from the fridge to heat. Took an hour and a half. Hot and ready to eat. Like Stephaine said in the review is all true. You will be the envy of your coworkers.Best part is on road trips and staying in hotels. All you need is a can of Chunky’s, Crackers and a washing kit and you are good to go.I know a few people who are gonna love their Christmas Present this year. It practical, affordable and useful for those that don’t want to fight over the break room microwave.No more frozen hungry man dinners at work. LOL.Sam’s or Costco is gonna see an upsale on Chunky Soups and crackers. Hahahahahaha.

  6. Karen Richman

    Purchased this with the thought that my lunch could be ready when I come home at noon to tend to my puppy and it is!! I a put single serving of frozen soup in it just before leaving for work about 7:45 a.m. When I came home at noon, I tended to my puppy and sat down to eat to soup that was the perfect temperature to eat – not too hot like it usually is out of the microwave! One of my best Amazon purchases to date!! Highly recommend!!

  7. September Corgliano

    I originally bought this for my husband who works road construction. Once it delivered I realized it only had a wall plug…Since his projects are all over, it would be impossible for him to use. I did read somewhere that I could get a car plug…I haven’t looked into that yet. Since he couldn’t use it, I took it to work. I hate microwaving my chicken soup or anything that has chicken in it. I put cold soup in the pot and plug in about 30 minutes before I want to eat. PIPING HOT!! Works quickly and keeps the chicken soft! I love this pot!

  8. Swamplady51

    We needed something that we could take down to our camp property during day trips this winter, that would allow us to have something hot for lunch. This should be perfect. I washed it up and tried it out tonight by warming up a chunk of lasagna in it. 1 1/2 hours and it was hot and yummy. It did not stick to the pan either. Yep! Can’t wait to have some hot homemade soup this winter when it is cold, but we still need to enjoy our other property.

  9. Amazon Customer

    No more cold sandwiches – or looking around for fast-food. This little unit is the perfect solution for me and my traveling appetite.I use it with a portable power unit in my car and noticed that the power draw of ~45watts can go down to Zero when it reaches temperature.Took about 45-minutes to heat my left-over Thai food and it was nicely reheated. My stew on the previous was also completely reheated.Been looking for something to heat my meals – initially wanted a midget micro-wave but this is completely satisfactory and easy power/use/clean.I am very picky on how hot my soup/food should be and this unit delivers a heated meal to my specifications (I’m still smiling).While I have no problem with the AC power requirements thanks to my portable power station (300watts) a DC Option would work well for many other people.Enjoy!

  10. B. Banks

    I love this little crockpot! It’s great for soups, stews, pasta dishes etc for lunch at the office. Just plug it in about 3 to 4 hours before you want to eat and your food is hot. No more need to use the community microwave.

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