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DEWALT 20V MAX* Cordless Tire Inflator, Tool Only (DCC020IB)

(10 customer reviews)


From the manufacturer –

Cordless Tire Inflator

Cordless Tire Inflator, jobsite inflator

Cordless Tire Inflator. For use on the jobsite or on the go. Digital Gauge for setting desired air pressure.

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corded or cordless

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digital gauge

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‎20 Volts

Power Source

‎Battery Powered

Sound Level

‎92 dB

Special Feature


Included Components

‎(1) DCC020I Inflator; (1) 12V DC Power Cord; (1) High-Pressure Tapered Nozzle; (1) Presta Valve Adapter; (1) Inflator Needle

Item Weight

‎2.94 pounds


‎20 Liters





Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎10.5 x 7.7 x 2.2 inches


‎Inflator Tool Only

Model Name




Part Number


Product Dimensions

‎10.5 x 7.7 x 2.2 inches

Country of Origin


Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer




Item Package Quantity


Maximum Pressure


Measurement System


Special Features


Batteries Included?


Batteries Required?


Battery Cell Type

‎Lithium Ion



10 reviews for DEWALT 20V MAX* Cordless Tire Inflator, Tool Only (DCC020IB)

  1. Andrew

    As a newspaper carrier, I’m often driving along the very edge of rural roads and turning around in quite a few dead-end roads. An unfortunate consequence of this is that I often pick up nails and screws in my tires.The You-Know-What Disease reared its ugly head, and my local Walmarts closed their Tire and Lube Express sections to put the two or three techs they had onto deep-cleaning duties, rendering my Road Hazard coverage useless for over a year. Other tire shops around me were requiring appointments, with two or three week delays before I could get in. I was left with no other choice but to visit the local gas station air pump… But some horrible people keep stealing the air chuck off the line, and in winter time the lack of an air/water separator meant the pump would often be frozen.Being that I needed air twice a day, a generic cigarette-lighter tire inflator was NOT an option. They aren’t built to handle heavy use, and I don’t like drawing so much amperage from puny cigarette lighter wiring to begin with.I already owned a DeWalt 20V tool package, and had added a nice impact gun to the collection, and I’m quite pleased with the quality and durability of those units. Accidentally stumbled across this DeWalt inflator while searching Amazon for options, and I jumped at the opportunity. Sure, the purchase price is a bit steep, but I was willing to give it a shot considering how pleased I was with my other DeWalt items.I do NOT regret my decision at all! The DeWalt inflator is absolutely worthy of wearing the DeWalt name. I’ve certainly put this compressor through its paces, fat SUV tires, skinny car tires, wheelbarrow tires, riding lawnmower tires, and it handles everything I throw at it with no problems.The air chuck threads onto the valve stem, instead of the lever or clip-on versions found on cheaper units. Maximum pressure can be set in 0.5 psi increments, and the onboard gauge is +/- 0.5 psi from my beloved (and expensive) Brookstone analog gauge. The built-in LED flashlight is a handy feature, helping you find the valve stem in the dark, or to see your lug nuts and check your jack’s position in the event a tire change is necessary. It’s not bright enough to go hiking with, but it IS usable. The unit has a bit of heft to it, but that weight seems to translate to quality because this little guy simply works whenever I need it, with no hassle and no indication that it’s ready to give up yet!When inflating low-pressure tires, like lawnmower tires or wheelbarrow tires, the air compressor inflates at a slower rate. That’s a nice little detail that most manufacturers wouldn’t even think of. Higher pressures have a slight “soft-start” which is also a nice little detail.The compressor is compact enough to fit in smaller nooks and crannies of a car’s trunk or SUV’s cargo area. I can tuck it under the wheel well of either my car or my Jeep to keep it out of the elements while it works, and that’s quite convenient.Perhaps the only negative I can think of is the lack of a cover to keep the “pool/beach toy inflator” accessories from falling off. It’s such a tiny ding against an otherwise-excellent product that I can’t even justify lowering the rating for that.

  2. GP

    Bottom Line:I wish I bought this years ago.I’d recommend to others.I’d buy again if I had need.Pros:Very lightweight.Very easy to use.Appears to have good build quality.Good features.Power cord for car cigarette lighter is pretty long and flexible.Was MUCH quieter than I was expecting.Topped of low aired tires faster than I was expecting.Small enough to easily fit under the seat of my Jeep Wrangler.Cons:Does not come with a battery.Does not come with an AC power cord.Is not capable of charging a battery that is connected.Does not come with a storage case or bag.Does not come with a quick connector for the item stem.(All these are clearly stated in the item descriptions, etc. so not a surprise.)Other Comments:I have not had it long enough to determine durability.I used an existing 20V battery from a previous purchased DeWALT power tool.Was much quieter than a previously owned cordless tire inflator; I was honestly shocked how quiet it was. Somewhere it states that the “Sound Level” is “92 dB”, which is pretty loud; there is no way this is that loud so I am guessing it is a misprint. Also MUCH quieter than our Porter+Cable Air Compressor, which was supposedly measured at 89 dB at one meter distance.Anything over 85 is potentially dangerous if exposed for long durations. This was definitely quieter than 92 dB… there is no way. It was quieter than our vacuums, which are supposedly around 70 dB. So I would say this item was ‘around’ 65 dB, though I didn’t test with a sound measuring tool, and is just my best estimate.I have not had the need to fill a fully flat tire yet, so I don’t have timings for that specifically. It did seem faster than our previously owned tiny TackLife X1 cordless tire air compressor. Actually seemed somewhat comparable to when I’ve used our Porter+Cable 6gal 150psi air compressor to top off our tires (both car and SUV). The Porter+Cable we have is about 34 lbs and a little on the large size, so kinda annoying to use to just top off tires even if it works great; even though the Porter+Cable is NOT designed to stored in a car for emergencies, etc.Might not be small enough to fit under a normal car seat. Probably varies from car to car.The AC Power Cord for this, purchased separately, can vary in price. Currently it is very expensive at about 50% of the purchase price of this unit. Can’t say this item is ‘needed’ but would be a ‘nice to have’ for when used to air up inflatables if the battery isn’t charged up.You can buy a quick connector for the tire stem that will also extend the overall length of the hose. About $7-10 can buy one or two of these items.I am going to look for a storage case/bag for this item, if available. If crazy expensive, I’ll probably come back and edit this review.20V DeWALT batteries range in price; the larger storage ones obviously cost more but will probably last longer as well in my opinion. The 20V 5Ah is currently about $67. The 20V 2Ah is about $45. Just make sure you’re buying the 20V batteries and NOT the 12V ones for this item.

  3. Rocker

    This comes in handy with built in air gauge and auto shut off. I use a 6amp Flex battery that last a long time so far.

  4. Damon

    The Dewalt compressor really performs well. With several piwer options, you’re never without air in an emergency. Good for the garage, but I carry it in the car for just in case. It will dial up the exact pressure you need so there is no guesswork. Great addition to my tool set

  5. Weiner Dog Frank

    Driving on and off the beach or into the mountains requires some tire (tyre) inflation and deflation that which this takes care of quickly and easily. This unit is easy to store in the Dewalt bag in your vehicle and has a dial to set the inflation limit. The dial feature is amazing as you can set it and walk away and it will shut off itself. This is great for those of us that have heavier vehicles driving through deep sand where we have to deflate down to approx 15lbs and reinflate back up to 38-40lbs.Even though the battery power of the larger battery may last past 2 tires being reinflated, having the 12v DC plug is good, but make sure you get the AC adapter. Those larger jobs where you may have taken down all four tires on the sand will require the use of the AC adapter.

  6. Debra K Martson

    Not only is this the best portable inflator (both tires and other inflatables) I’ve ever used, but since I already own a couple DeWalt 20V MAX tools, the ability to share my existing battery packs (without having to purchase an unneeded, additional one!) is great! The triple power source (12 V, 110 VAC, internal battery) capability makes this usable anywhere. And its relatively low, 10 A draw means it won’t blow the fuse in your lighter/auxiliary power source outlet when using 12 V. It will also fill truck tires up to 160 psi. The only minor issue I found is that when using the inflator on a smooth finish, concrete floor, the tool will very slowly skitter across the surface. Not a big deal.

  7. Shannon

    Works great. Way nicer using this thing to top tires off vs dragging out the air compressor and hose.

  8. Travis

    Have had this for a week so far, and have already used it a few times. It makes adjusting the pressure in your tires a pleasurable experience. You just attach the hose, set the pressure you want and press “go”. Easy peasy. I would recommend this for anyone who has the 20v system already and has bikes or cars. Only downside is that it’s big for what it does. I would have been happy to sacrifice looks or ergonomics for a smaller size.

  9. cheffe

    The entire design of this is well thought out and very much appreciated. I’ve used others like it and this wins out. The back-up of a car adapter tucked away in a tidy compartment is nice as well. Great usability.

  10. Keith Newman

    I bought this to quickly and remotely inflate our car tires and small inflatables for the kids. It works great! Its pretty fast and the attachments are good.It’s kinda loud and don’t expect to be running air tools off it.

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