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Fast Drying, Extra Absorbent, Terry Cotton towels – Pack of 24, Gray, 12 x 12-Inch

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From the manufacturer –

Terry Cotton towels


Fast Drying, Extra Absorbent, Terry Cotton towels, Dynamic Use

Terry Cotton towels

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Dynamic Use

The cotton washcloths offer the perfect combination of softness and strength, making them ideal for anything from skin care to household cleaning.

Fast Drying, Extra Absorbent, Terry Cotton towels, Hotel-Quality


Featuring a hotel-quality construction, the washcloths are lightweight, quick drying, and feature reinforced edges to prevent unraveling.

100% Cotton

100% Cotton

Made of 100% spun cotton, the washcloths feature a looped terry weave for enhanced absorption and moisture retention.

Machine Washable

Machine Washable

Machine washable, the set stands up to daily use and frequent laundering. Includes 24 wash cloths sized 12 x 12 inches.

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Amazon Basics

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Product Dimensions

12 x 12 x 12 inches


Washcloth set




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Product Care Instructions

Machine Wash



Unit Count

24.0 Count

Fabric Type

100% Cotton

Item Weight

2.2 pounds


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10 reviews for Fast Drying, Extra Absorbent, Terry Cotton towels – Pack of 24, Gray, 12 x 12-Inch

  1. soccernana

    These washcloths are a generous size and soft. They are holding up better than any others in this price range. I’m very impressed and going another color. It’s nice to have more than I needed!

  2. MommaB

    UPDATE (4 months of regular use): The color retention isn’t mentioned in the description but now that I’ve had an opportunity to test them for a few months of 2x per week washing, I have some good news. The purple washcloths are now more of a lavender (more like the color in the ad) and are just as soft and well-composed as when I bought them. The only strings I’ve seen are from me ripping the tags off with my hands – I don’t have time for scissors. 🙃 I also don’t wash as directed, I wash on high with warm water and have not been nice to them at all. Thank you, Amazon!ORIGINAL REVIEW (Nov. 2017):Thanks to targeted ads (I can’t believe I’m saying that) I found AmazonBasics wash cloths.<>Do you like wasting money? Do you enjoy finding out you have spent $50 on 24 “luxury” towels only to find they don’t absorb anything, are poorly sewn, and like to rip/fall apart in the WASH when they’re not even being used? Yeah, me either. That has been my experience with two other companies, and given the reprehensible customer service experience I was ready to cut my losses and go to Walmart for junky, pilly rags that last a month at best. It appeared my efforts to eradicate wasteful paper towel spending had been thwarted. Then, my unnecessarily frugal (cheap) heart was spared! Now I only have to spend $50 a year as opposed to $60 per month just to clean up after my 5 little slobs.I have to be objective though, so here are the pros and cons, as well as a comparison on product description advertising versus REALITY.Amazon’s Description* LINTING: Medium* DURABILITY: Medium* ABSORBANCY (Amazon misspelled it): Medium* SOFTNESS: MediumMy Experience* LINTING: Low* DURABILITY: High* ABSORBENCY: Medium* SOFTNESS: Medium/HighPROS* Whites hold up in bleach on hot in washer. (Disclaimer: they explicitly state NOT to bleach, not sure why.)* Only had to wash whites one time and lavender two times to get rid of initial linting.* Used daily for following: – Floor mopping. – Dishes, pots and pans. – General baby and pet messes. – Hand towels for “nice” bathrooms. – Baby teethers and wiping up after meals. (Put a few ice cubes in damp washcloths and secure with hair tie – another money saver!) – Face towels after washing. – Makeup remover. – Water absorber under orchid pots.* Soft enough to use for face/body.* Just the right thickness so as to be able to lay over the sink and reuse. Other washcloths I’ve had were so thick you had to wash immediately after use or they would develop a musty stench.* End seams are done extremely well. Even with hard floor (and dog poo on cement) scrubbing, they don’t even threaten to shred or run…unlike the past two brands.* Tight weave, yet still soft. Makes for a strong towel that a dog and toddler can’t rip when they’re playing tug of war!* Thicker than expected for a cost-effective washcloth. It was difficult to get an accurate pic with not enough hands, but after washing and folding they’re about an in and a half in height.CONS* Amazon lists size as 12”x12”. As you can see in the photos, they are more like 11”x11.5. This was right out of package prior to washing and drying.* Lavender color was more of a deeper purple. See photos – not even close in color. But I don’t care, they work!Overall, these are an exceptional product for an exceptional price. They save me money, are nice in presentation rolled up in my guest bath, and are useful for literally everything without showing much wear and wash up like nothing happened. I am SO impressed. Seriously, look around on the site, you will see that you will pay double and triple for the same number of washcloths that don’t hold up as well.I swear on my kids’ lives I wasn’t compensated for this review. We just really like them. 🙂 Hope this was helpful!!

  3. W. Cox

    These are by far the best washcloths. They are sewn on all four sides so there is no fraying. Just the right thickness. They shrunk slightly after first wash but have not since, and have not lost any shape. If they came in colors this would be my only washcloths. Very please!

  4. Roger P.

    These are honestly so great and the pack comes with so many I absolutely love these. I like how soft it feels when I use it to wash my face or I use them for other things. Honestly will be buying another pack

  5. Celeste Flenory

    I am an over the road trucker and I wanted a washcloth that was not expensive, it had to be absorbent, did not feel like sandpaper, and would dry if left flat or hanging. I use these because it is no secret we truckers can’t always get to a shower but it doesn’t mean I do not bathe on the truck. I like that they’re white because then you can SEE all the dirt you rub off and it makes me feel like I’m actually clean. These aren’t Turkish cotton soft or even Egyptian cotton soft, but they’re not rough and abrasive on my face skin but they still have enough terry cloth “tooth” to actually grab the dirt and oil off your skin (think light exfoliation). I love that I can wring them out throughly and then leave them hanging in in the back of my cab and they dry all the way through. That way I’m not putting wet washcloths into my dirty clothes and creating an environment for mold. I love that they are a pack of 50 so I don’t feel compelled to use the same washcloths over again I can use, hang dry, and grab another until I get home to do laundry. I am DEFINITELY getting another order as these are indispensable on this truck.

  6. vivienne edwards

    After reading some of the reviews regarding the hemmed edges coming apart, I was not sure what to expect. I did not like the huge stiff labels so removed them immediately. Then I quickly hemmed the edges myself. I am very satisfied as they are soft and feel good.

  7. Hissyfitizzy

    They work awesome for cleaning. I don’t know that I would use them as a regular washcloth. They are not all that soft.

  8. Victorious

    This washcloth is the Perfect essential for daily hygiene! It met all the qualifications I had been searching for…Not too heavy, but not to thin; simple design with consistent nap throughout, no embellishments, absorbency is good, drys quickly, quality construction that looks to provide long life, meets my daily facial and occasional bird bath needs. And the added plus, reasonably priced.

  9. Coco Parra

    I run a yoga studio and I purchased these to pass out to students at the end of class – I wet the towel with lavender water and keep them in the refrigerator for students to use during shavasana. They are very absorbent and soft! I purchased the ice blue color which I would call more of a mint color. I purchased that color because they were on sale for $15 and I honestly liked the color the mint color better than the ice blue color looked in the pictures. These are great towels for whatever reason you’re using them for. They are good quality as I wash them typically once every 7-10 days since they are used once by a student and then they need to be cleaned. They are still in great shape even with me washing them all the time. Very pleased with this purchase!

  10. T. Grif

    These towels are surprisingly soft and plush. Much softer and nicer that towels I’ve purchased from brick and mortar stores. They actually feel like nice hotel towels. They also wash and dry well (not a ton of lint is left in the washer or the dryer). These are now my go-to washcloths.

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