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LED Flashlight LE1000 High Lumens, Small and Extremely Bright Flash Light, Zoomable, Water Resistant, Adjustable Brightness for Camping, AAA Batteries Included

(10 customer reviews)


From the brand –

LED Flashlight LE1000

LED Flashlight LE1000, LE flashlights

LED Flashlight LE1000

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Power Source

‎Battery Powered

Light Source Type




Included Components



‎4.5 Volts

Battery Cell Composition


Item Weight

‎3.68 ounces

Number of Batteries

‎3 AAA batteries required. (included)

Product Dimensions

‎4.29 x 1.34 x 1.34 inches


‎Lighting EVER

Luminous Flux

‎140 Lumen

Battery Description

‎3 AAA

Light Source Wattage

‎3 Watts


‎Lighting EVER

Part Number


Item model number



‎3 AAA batteries required. (included)

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer



‎3 watts

Item Package Quantity


Number Of Pieces




Batteries Included?


Batteries Required?


Description Pile

‎3 AAA



10 reviews for LED Flashlight LE1000 High Lumens, Small and Extremely Bright Flash Light, Zoomable, Water Resistant, Adjustable Brightness for Camping, AAA Batteries Included

  1. TheMonsta

    I bought it just to have a dedicated flashlight for whenever it is needed. It’s much easier to carry around than a cell phone. I’ve used it when taking out the trash at night and it lights up pretty well. I recommend it for an everyday flashlight to just have around.

  2. John Cranmer

    Amazed how bright the light is from this small flashlight.Very good value.

  3. Spencer Willis

    This is a great flashlight to have in the car, in a pocketbook or backpack, or in a bedside drawer. It’s lightweight and has a very bright beam. The power button is on the end of the flashlight, which takes a little getting used to.

  4. Jilly Lios

    Super sturdy and bright. I bought one for me and my father. I’ll recommend it!

  5. Donna Sumler

    Smaller than I thought the flashlight would be–However, I bought to put in glove compartment so it will work well for that purpose. Package conveniently and arrived earlier than expected.

  6. Les

    Use this to walk dog after dark. Nice bright lightToo early to tell about the battery. I have been in the rain. So far so good

  7. Packer Girl

    I love it! Wish I had bought 2 of them.

  8. RR

    If bang for the buck was your first flashlight priority, look no further.This is the one.I purchased this flashlight to help with hunting armadillos who have been excavating my wife’s garden at night.It needed to be bright, zoom capable with one hand and able to attach to a weapon. Battery life also was important.A huge winner in all categories.My only recommendation would be to bin the Chinese batteries that are included as they lasted 20min and install some good AAA’s from the gitgo. You won’t be disappointed! Awesome “torch!” RR

  9. Erik Gordon Bainbridge

    UPDATE TWO WEEKS AFTER ORIGINAL REVIEW:I’m disappointed with the quality of the included batteries. After barely a week of not much use, the beam was noticeably dimmer and after two weeks, much dimmer. However if the manufacturer had to cut corners, the batteries are the best place to cut. I can always install better batteries (and have).I intended to buy two more of this flashlight to put in my vehicles’ glove compartments, but Costco had a sale on the “Duracell Durabeam Ultra 300 Lumens Tactical High-Intensity Compact LED Flashlight, 3-Pack” that made them irresistibly cheap, so I bought the three Duracells instead of two more of this flashlight. Here’s how the LE and Duracell compare:note: for testing, I installed brand new Kirkland (Costco) AAA batteries in both flashlights.Batteries: The LE uses three AAA, the Duracell uses 4 AAA. My LE came with cheap batteries that lost power quickly after only light use, but the Duracell comes with Duracell batteries.Size: The Duracell is about an inch longer and about 3/16″ wider (but looks wider than that). The lens of the LE is recessed and hard to measure, but is about 1/2″; the Duracell lens is a little more than twice as wide.Quality: The LE feels like a higher quality, better machined product, but the Duracell is probably just as solid. It just doesn’t feel as refined. The Duracell’s internal battery holder however seems higher quality to me than the LE and easier to insert in the right direction in the dark.Convenience: The LE comes with a wrist strap but the Duracell doesn’t and doesn’t have a way to add one. This reason alone will be enough to make me choose to use the LE over the Duracell in many conditions.Adjustable beam: The LE’s beam can be adjusted from very tight to very wide. The Duracell’s is not adjustable, but it has a unique dual reflector that emits a very bright inner beam and a more diffuse outer beam.Lens: The LE has a recessed glass lens that will be relatively hard to damage. The Duracell has a plastic lens that’s only barely recessed and can easily be damaged by dropping it or handling it carelessly.Power switch: Both flashlights turn on and off by pressing a button on the end. The LE has one power setting and the Duracell has two. Both can be stood on the button end, but are unsteady and would tip over easily.The beam: This is the important difference between the two flashlights. When you switch them both on, the Duracell looks much brighter, however if you take them outside and compare them, the Duracell looses its advantage. If the LE is set on the narrowest beam, it’s casts a much brighter & more focused beam than the Duracell. If the LE is set on its widest beam, it casts a gentle light that won’t affect your night vision. For this reason alone, I’d be inclined to choose the LE over the Duracell for prolonged use in the dark. The Duracell’s bright unadjustable beam would quickly make it difficult to see anything without the flashlight, but the LE’s more diffused wide beam would keep my eyes more able to see in the dark. Even with the Duracell on its lower power setting, the LE had a major advantage here.The only time they were equal was when I adjusted the LE’s beam to the same width as the Duracell. Then two flashlights performed identically.Which one is better for you? It depends on your needs.The LE is better:- If you need a flashlight that you can tether to your wrist to keep your hands free- If you want a sharply focused beam that will shine bright over a long distance (I tested about 150 feet)- If you want a gentle beam that won’t reduce your night vision- If you want a well crafted product- If you want a smaller flashlight that will fit easily in a pants pocket.The Duracell is better:- If you simply want to turn on the flashlight and have a bright beam- If you want a flashlight that costs a little less. In addition to the Duracell being cheaper to buy, its included batteries will probably last longer- If you want a larger flashlightI am carrying two of my Duracells in my vehicle glove compartments, but I take the LE when I’m in the woods at night. It’s smaller size also makes it more convenient for many tasks in the house.Overall I feel I would have been better off buying the two LE’s that I originally planned to buy than the three Duracells.ORIGINAL REVIEW:This arrived today and I waited until after dark to test it outside. It’s quite impressive. Using the narrow spot beam, it easily lights up a spot on a fence nearly 100 feet away and the top of a tree that I estimate is about 150 feet. Indoors, the wide beam is impressively bright with only a barely hint of blue in it. I’ve owned a number of LED flashlights and this is by far the most impressive.The construction is also impressive. It’s solid metal, not a lightweight by any means, and has a good, solid feel about it Everything looks machined well and the rear cap screws on and off smoothly.The three AAA batteries are installed in a removable plastic holder. After removing it to install the included batteries, I realized that I had forgotten to note which end of the holder goes inside the flashlight. I was glad to see that the manufacturer has included a bright red arrow pointing in the right direction. That’s a useful touch! It would be inconvenient to be replacing batteries at night out in the woods and be struggling to see which direction to install them. My only complaint is that the arrow is glued on, so it might come off over time.I was looking specifically for a flashlight with AA or AAA batteries so I can use rechargeable Eneloops in it. I didn’t want an expensive lithium or similar battery that might be too expensive to carry spares and to find myself in the woods with dead batteries and no replacements. I can easily carry a few AAA’s as spares.My main uses for it will be in the woods at night. for working with computer internals, and around the house. The wrist strap is long enough to easily hang it from my wrist when I need quick access and don’t want to risk dropping it in the dark. I may buy to more to carry in the glove compartment of my car and truck. This is going to be a very handy flashlight. I highly recommend it.I’ve only received it today so I can’t comment on its durability. I expect it to hold up, but whenever anything changes after I write a review, I always post an update, so if my opinion changes about this flashlight, I’ll post an update to this review.

  10. Ken

    This is a great small flashlight. It is off- on with no extra positions or options – you push the switch it comes on, push again it turns off. The light is very bright and you can easily adjust its size by sliding the forward cover back and forth. The size makes it a great pocket light. If you are looking for a small flashlight that just turns on or off, this is the one for you!

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