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LiBa PEVA 8G Bathroom Shower Curtain Liner, 72″ W x 72″ H, Clear, 8G Heavy Duty Waterproof Shower Curtain Liner

(10 customer reviews)


Product Description –

Bathroom Shower Curtain Liner

Liba Shower Liners and Curtains


weighted magnets

Easy to Install

Rust Resistant

quick drying

Bathroom Shower Curtain Liner. Keeps your curtain liner in place. Encased magnets at the bottom weigh the liner down to create a waterproof seal on your shower.

Smooth grommets make it easy to hook in your shower rings. With sizes for standard baths, tall showers, and stalls, feel confident you’ve got the right shower curtain liner.

Reinforce the shower curtain, reducing strain, rips and tears. Grommets help your curtain last through everyday use and removal for washing.

Both weighted magnets and ultra-smooth PEVA material are designed to promote water bead formation, allowing water to swiftly roll off the surface.

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Soap scum resistant

easy to clean liner

no odor material

liba shower curtain liner testimonials

Clear shower liner Frosted Shower Liner Polyester Fabric White Shower Curtain Heavy Duty Clear Shower Liner Clear Shower Liner (Stall Size) Waffle Weave Shower Curtain

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A. 8g-clear



Product Dimensions

72"L x 72"W

Special Feature

Mildew Resistant

Room Type






Curtain Form

Shower Curtain Liner

Top Style



72" W x 72" H

Included Components


Specific Uses For Product

Shower curtain liner

Hanging Method


Item Weight

10 ounces

Number of Items


Product Care Instructions

Hand Wash Only

Package Weight

0.46 Kilograms





Item model number


10 reviews for LiBa PEVA 8G Bathroom Shower Curtain Liner, 72″ W x 72″ H, Clear, 8G Heavy Duty Waterproof Shower Curtain Liner

  1. Dustin Mattingly

    These are solid, good weight shower curtains. The only complaint I have is they don’t have suction cups on the edges like other brands. This is pretty convenient for keeping water inside the shower.


    The information on shower curtains is a bit confusing. For most things the higher the number the heavier the weight and the shower curtain follows this item. 8 gage is thinner than 10 gage. The magnets do not so much for me as I have a fiberglass tub but it does hold the curtain down a bit. The water does run off nicely so I hope the soap film does the same over time. There is a 30-day warranty on this so it if does not shed the soap film it goes back and I try something else. The plastic is nice and clear and there is no odor which is very nice. I will update this review over time.

  3. jofruch

    So far this shower curtain has been great. For those who posted negative reviews, it sounds like they hung it backwards. Water can only get into the hem at the bottom if the hem is facing the shower instead of outside. The sticker on the curtain tells you to have the hem facing outwards.

  4. T&G

    Well we stick it in the washer and we do get a couple of uses out of it before we toss and buy new. No suction at the bottom and it does curl for this reason. Would like weights because I don’t think we would use the suction. We have purchased 3 times. So it’s great.

  5. Kathie T.

    This is a much better shower curtain than what I had. The other had its hanging holes rip, but this has grammets, so I don’t think that that wiil be a problem. The curtain sticks to the walls, so water does not come out at the ends any more!!

  6. Chris McChez

    Not to get excited over a shower curtain, but, I have this saved under my account for future needs. Is exactly as described, no “plastic ” odor, lays flat shortly after hanging, made from quality PVC. Metal grommets for the hook loops. Will purchase them again.

  7. Janice Peiffer

    Great fit. a little wider than the stall so I can curve it around and the water does not spill on the floor like my last liner.

  8. maitai

    Do not understand some of the reviews regarding thickness of curtain. Some say too lightweight, others say too heavy. It is on the thicker side.. If you don’t like flimsy liners you will like this one. Some don’t like a heavier liner. Everyone has a different preference. If you don’t want to see thru the liner, the frosted one works fine. I have taken a picture showing how the frosted liner is great not being able to see through my lace curtain. As for the liner being wider than your curtain on each end, the reason is to protect your regular curtain from getting wet. Two pictures are shown how the liner is intended to be used. Most do not leave their curtains open. If you are one who does, yes there will be a problem. Simply cut off the side that you don’t want the liner to show. But, by doing this you’re defeating the purpose of the liner keeping your regular curtain dry. I have used curtains that say they are mildew proof. I’ve yet not found one that holds true to that. If you see any type of dirt forming on your liner you could use Clorox Clean-Up spray. I simply spray the dirty area and let the shower head wash it off the liner. Any dirt just rolls off and the curtain is nice and clean. My last liner lasted for 10 years plus and still looks great. Only reason for purchasing this frosted one was to change look of lace curtain I just hung. Hopefully this liner won’t fall apart as I’ve seen pictures of one’s that did. As for liner being stuck together, this seems to be a common problem. LOL. I received another manufacturer’s liner that looked like an iron was put to it. Couldn’t stop laughing at our quality control on everything now since our pandemic. Amazon made good on the refund and I ordered this liner in place of the damaged one. Then I read and see reviews similar to the one I got damaged. Must be the same good ol’ factory that makes liners for ALL the manufacturers!!

  9. GiGi

    This product was used behind my shower curtains to avoid see through material. Thus far, it has enhanced the colors of the curtain and the water glides off. This shower curtain should prevent mildew and won’t need to be cleaned as time goes by.

  10. Amazon Customer

    It is so nice having a heavy duty curtain liner for the shower. We needed to replace ours and I didn’t want to have to spend a whole bunch of money. It is really nice and good quality. Highly pleased with it so far and haven’t had any issues.

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