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Luxurious Jumbo Bath Sheet 2 Piece – 600 GSM 100% Ring Spun Cotton Highly Absorbent and Quick Dry Extra Large Bath Towel

(10 customer reviews)


From the brand –

Luxurious Jumbo Bath Sheet

Luxurious Jumbo Bath Sheet - 100% Ring Spun Cotton, beach towel

Luxurious Jumbo Bath Sheet

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Utopia Towels

Cater all your Bathing, Washing and Cleaning needs with durability.

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  1. Utopia Towels
  2. Utopia Towels offers a range of highly absorbent and versatile towels with attractive colors for you to choose from. Our professionally crafted towels provide optimal coverage in terms of usability while catering to your various needs.
  3. Being in the towels industry for more than 20 years, we have always aimed to deliver superior quality towels at your doorstep.
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Utopia Towels

Towel form type

Bath Sheet

Age Range (Description)

All Ages



Product Dimensions

70 x 35 x 0.2 inches

Number of Items





No Theme

Product Care Instructions

Machine Wash


2 Piece Bath Sheet

Unit Count

2 Count

Fabric Type

Ring Spun Cotton

Item Weight

4.05 pounds


Utopia Towels



Item model number


10 reviews for Luxurious Jumbo Bath Sheet 2 Piece – 600 GSM 100% Ring Spun Cotton Highly Absorbent and Quick Dry Extra Large Bath Towel

  1. TM Conway

    WASHING/DRYINGI just got these along with a multi-piece set from Utopia. I IMMEDIATELY ran all the towels through a cold-water rinse. They came out great. There was quite a bit of dryer lint but that’s to be expected for the first wash of new towels. The towels all came out of that rinse cycle soft and lovely & I didn’t use any detergent or softeners. There was NO problem with color damage either (as I saw mentioned in other reviews).SIZEThese bath sheets are crazy huge! I love them. The fabric is nice and soft but absorbs water really well – I actually tested this before I rinsed them). I have used hotel towels that cost a LOT more & these towels stand up well as far as size and comfort. I’m right around 200 pounds and 5′ 5″ and these are gigantic on me. They are the size of the towels in a nice spa. A smaller person could probably wrap themselves in one of these vertically (longways). In one photo, I am holding one of the towels in front of me; in another, I have one wrapped around me.USINGThere was a lot of dryer lint in the first wash but I expected that from brand-new items. The towels themselves came out of the wash and dry great. I used them later in the day and they were still really absorbent.COLORI did get these along with a multi-set from Utopia – all in “grey”. I thought that being from the same brand, “grey” would be the same. These are a much darker charcoal grey whereas the multi-set is a lighter smoky grey with a sort of greenish-grey tinge. They all look great together in my linen closet.I have other Utopia products – bed linens and kitchen towels – and have never had problems with them. Some of the reviews for these towels had me nervous though! I have used towels that cost a lot more and these are worth every penny.

  2. Amazon lover

    I love it, however the color isn’t lavender. …………… . This color is more pink than lavender, or lilac. I’ve bought it for a male friend that loves lavender colors, so I had to keep it for myself because of the color. I had to get my friend something else because I was out of time to purchase another one online . I also bought a gray one for my husband, he is a very tall guy, and he loves it. He wants me to get other ones, he also said that he doesn’t like the pink ones. Usually the color you see online don’t look the same when you get it . I wish that I had chosen black ones or blue ones for my friend. It is very hard for m e to return things, because of health problems so I got stuck with two gigantic pink towels . I ve purchased two towels for my sister too and the coral and dark gray were so beautiful, she loves it too.

  3. Carol

    This is second set I ordered, great towel wash up nice an soft

  4. tracy Becker illinois

    It’s not soft like they claimed. But it is huge. I am a very large woman and I can rap it all the way around me with extra room to sit down and not split open.

  5. Amazon Customer

    I love how big and soft these towels are! I bought 4 total; I did wash them when they first came in and they completely filled my dryer lint trap (so beware that you definitely want to wash first-don’t use softener on towels as that will ruin them-and make sure to empty the lint trap). These towels are so very soft and huge! They are pretty expensive than what I am used to spending on towels, but I feel like the price reflects the quality. These are huge towels, really soft, and I had no issue with absorbency. I am pregnant right now and it covers my belly completely and the towel comes down to my knees! I also have hair that goes past my waist and this is the first towel I have ever used that was able to completely wrap around my hair and cover it up. So if you are looking for a big towel that will actually cover you up and be able to dry you off without becoming soaking wet, then I highly recommend this towel!

  6. Saved

    Pretty purple. Huge beach towel size. I like it because I am not able to safely dress in the bathroom due to some health issues. Needed something that I can modestly walk out of the bathroom in, as I have a brother living with us. I’m 5’6, 225lbs, big girl and I don’t have any issues wrapping this towel around and having to worry it’s too short or will reveal me. It goes below my knees and 1/3 of the towel extends beyond my body circumference. Also, towel does get a little stiff but is still soft enough to not have to complain. I’m sure if I used some expensive softener, it would keep the towel snuggle soft.

  7. DMom68

    Sometimes those extra soft towels are not absorbent but these are excellent and pretty soft. Thick and of good quality too.

  8. KT

    I’m 6’0″ two-fifty, and these things are incredibly huge even to me! They are very absorbent, soft, and did I mention HUGE?! In a small shower, they are obtrusive, a lot to maneuver, very thick. Like drying off w a bear skin, actually like the whole bear. But given the room, it’s like heaven wrapping its arms around you in comfort. They are super soft and dry you immediately. They wrap around you with ease. I put my wet towels on a drying rack, this one I have to fold over it to fit, its so long. But it’s still toasty warm for next use, dries fast. They are even larger than my beach towels. I used the advice of those b4 me and ran them thru a dryer no heat a few times b4 using & got most of the lint out (there was a LOT!). Still lint when washing/drying but not excessive. I LOVE these, the comfort, the size, the luxury feel. Who thought I’d love towels so much? If u want an oversized luxury towel, these are the goat.

  9. N. Keithley

    I am a plus sized person. I came across these towels and they are just what I wanted. I have purchased extra large towels before, but they weren’t quite what I wanted.I might buy them again, but I’m really not sure. We had some other towels that worked for awhile but shrank after each wash until they weren’t plus sized any more.On the negative side, after a few washes, there is still way too much lint shedding, and I have to clean up the washer, dryer, the shower AND the floor after I use them.So I’m still on the hunt for the perfectly large towel that doesn’t make my bathroom, shower, washer and dryer look like a sandstorm just swept through my bathroom and laundry room.I WILL, however, keep using them until I find something better.

  10. Katie

    These are pretty big like they say. My only complaint is that it sheds a little.

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