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Mixing Bowls with Airtight Lids, 6 Piece Stainless Steel Metal Bowls , Measurement Marks & Colorful Non-Slip Bottoms Size, Great for Mixing & Serving

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From the brand

kitchen utensil

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  1. umite chef

Bowl Material

Stainless Steel

Specific Uses For Product



Umite Chef





Special Feature

airtight, Rust Resistant




1 Quarts

Number of Pieces




Included Components

airtight lids, 6 sizes mixing bowls

Is Dishwasher Safe


Is Microwaveable



plastic, stainless steel

Product Dimensions

1 x 1 x 1 inches

Item Weight

1 pounds



Item model number


10 reviews for Mixing Bowls with Airtight Lids, 6 Piece Stainless Steel Metal Bowls , Measurement Marks & Colorful Non-Slip Bottoms Size, Great for Mixing & Serving

  1. K.S.

    These are great! The sizes fit every need you may have and the rubber bottom keeps the bowl in place while using.

  2. Amazon Customer

    These are heavier than I expected for the price. I had low expectations, but they’re great. I like the silicone bottoms. I’ve been using them daily for 3 months in the kitchen and don’t have any dings or scratches like other people have said. I also don’t have any issue with the lids coming off in the fridge like other people said, they stay on strong for me. It’s possible they’re putting them on wrong to begin with, they’re very tight to put on. You have to follow the directions, one side to the other, and push the air out. I think they work great. I use them in the kitchen, but I also use them for soap making. I can pre measure my oils out into the bowls, put the lids on, and set them aside until I’m ready. When I’m ready, I can pop the whole bowl over a pot of water and melt all the oils like a double boiler. I even made a batch (with lye) inside of one of the bowls (now removed from kitchen circulation) and it went great! I might buy a second pack for my soap room. I’ll update my review if the bowls don’t stand up to multiple batches of soap, but so far so good. I couldn’t get an answer on what the lids are made of, so I would not leave the lids in contact with lye.

  3. RickJ

    These stainless steel bowls are lightweight but sturdy. Each bowl has a rubber base so they don’t move when you’re using a stand mixer or mixing by hand. The rubber bases are different colors and the lids match in color so it’s easy to know which lid goes with which bowl! Note: I had a difficult time putting the lid on the first bowl that I tried until I realized that if you push down on the middle of the lid, the lid forms an airtight seal! You should also know that when you use a hand mixer, the beaters will mark the inside of the bowls. (I don’t really care about that). The bowls are stackable so they don’t take up much space. Great bowls at a great price!

  4. Kris Keyes

    These are the perfect mixing/utility bowls ever! The non slip bottoms are perfect so the bowl doesn’t move around. The lids make it super easy to store food and then it all stacks neatly away

  5. Connie L.

    I just got these and they seem great! They have nicely fitting lids.

  6. Diane C

    Great quality for the price. Love these bowls. Just the right sizes with color matching lids. With the rubber bottom they stay put on the counter when you are mixing.

  7. Amazon Customer

    These bowls are must have in your kitchen. Non slip, easy to clean, light weight. Definitely highly recommended

  8. Renee Good

    Loved the bowls! They are great!

  9. Curtis

    These bowls are great! Yeah they stack nice and tidy, are great for travel, and a whole bunch more but the real selling point is the silicone bottom! That silicone bottom allows you to put the bowl directly on you lap without the burden of freezing your lap with a cold item. I was able to sit with the bowl on my lap/legs and eat the entire bowl of cold cookie dough! Before these I would have had to use a towel under the bowl or give up and stop eating the deliciousness. This is a must have if you feel the need to eat cold cookie dough. Maybe your kids are asleep, maybe you just went through a bad break up, maybe it’s Sunday night and you’re dreading the thought of work in the morning, maybe your spouse said something really foolish, I don’t know but you’ll be glad you have this bowl set so you can eat your feelings away without freezing your legs! Plus, look at all those sizes! I mean, maybe it’s a really bad break up and you need the large size worth of cookie dough, maybe you have people over and don’t want the judgment so you use the smaller bowl. Just get the bowls, make your cookie dough and enjoy yourself!

  10. Blonde_one

    These stainless steel bowls are awesome! Great selection of sizes and the lids lock tightly. I’m so happy I bought them.

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