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Non-slip Silicone Pastry Mat Extra Large with Measurements 28”By 20” for Silicone Baking Mat, Dough Rolling Mat

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Product Description

silicone pastry mat

Why Super Kitchen?

Safe, Durable, Premium Quality & Beautiful Design.

We are professional to provide the food grade silicone products with the highest quality. The double thickness design is more durable and lays flat and grips the counter top well. Super Kitchen mat has stood the test of time with use by the chefs.


silicone pastry mat baking mat pie mat pizza matSuper kitchen high quality mat!

Food Grade Silicone & Safe Material.

Super Kitchen mat is made of 100% food grade silicone and reinforced fiberglass. It is safe product.

Super kitchen high quality mat!

Silicone baking mat

pie mat

dough rolling mat


This mat is made of food grade silicone and great for working with sticky materials, so you can enjoy the best NON-STICK baking mat if you have it now. It is much easy to roll out the dough, pie, pizza crust, bread, homemade biscuits and cookie dough.


In order to solve the problem that the pastry mat is easy to slip when rolling out, Super Kitchen mat is designed to be large(71×51CM) and thick(0.7MM) size with the great friction on the back and grips the counter top well. It is super hard to move as you roll out the dough and always keep stable on the table. Super Kitchen mat is also perfect to be pastry mat, counter mat, pizza mat and placement mat.

Easy to Clean

No more scrubbing! Even burnt sugar and fat falls off on its on. Just rinse the mat in warm soapy water to clean it and dishwasher safe.

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Super kitchen high quality mat!

dough mat

baking mat

rolling mat

Strong Design

Super kitchen mat is stronger than the other mats on the market. It lays perfectly flat and won’t curl around the edges.

Larger Size Design

Super Kitchen mat is larger size 71*51cm(28*20inch) than the other mats 60*40cm (24*16inch) on the market. It gives you larger area to roll out the dough and prevent the flour from falling to the ground and splashing everywhere.

Double Thickness Design

The left side 0.7MM thickness VS The right side 0.3MM thickness.

A level up pastry/pie/table baking mat. The 0.3MM mat is too thin and soft. Our 0.7MM mat is super hard to crinkle as you roll out the dough. Better than the other mats! No need to worry the cookie cutters will damage the mat.

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Super kitchen high quality mat!

baking mat

pastry mat

Perfect for Table/Placement Mat

This is an extra large and a double thickness mat. It is good to be table/placement mat and so on.

Perfect for Countertop Mat

This is a double thickness and heat resistant silicone mat. Help you to keep your countertop clean and protect your countertop easily.








Folksy Super Kitchen

Item Weight

12 ounces

Number of Pieces


Product Dimensions

28 x 20 x 0.03 inches



Is Dishwasher Safe



Folksy Super Kitchen



Country of Origin


Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


10 reviews for Non-slip Silicone Pastry Mat Extra Large with Measurements 28”By 20” for Silicone Baking Mat, Dough Rolling Mat

  1. TimC

    This thing works so good. I was skeptical when I unboxed it as it feels sticky on both sides. it sticks to my counter top very well and when a dusting of flour is put on the top it feels as good as a wood cutting board would. I use it a few times a month but I liked it so much I got one for my daughter who is an avid baker. She uses hers every day and loves it. She says it works on all kinds of dough. I use mine primarily for sourdough and pizza dough. Great product, easy to clean, roll up to store. Even after rolling it up it flattens out nicely for the next use. Oh and the circle diagram on the top is very useful for making pizza.

  2. LM

    This is a perfect, large baking mat with a lot of helpful measurements conveniently placed all around the mat. It lays perfectly flat right out of storage, easy to clean and very sturdy. I’m very happy. I’ve tried several others in the past but I was never completely satisfied but this one really does check off all the boxes.

  3. TMK

    I struggled with a huge non slip rolling mat for years. I stored rolled up & it would never lay flat & slipped all over the counter. This product is absolutely perfect! It lays flat after storing rolled it. Very sturdy! Will buy again!

  4. Linda S.

    Besides not getting my table all full of flour, I like that it has pie measurements on it. Very helpful! Also, the dough is easier to get off this mat than off the table, plus it’s super easy to clean. I’m glad I got the bigger one! Getting ready to do my Christmas baking.

  5. Dave S.

    It’s the perfect size for covering my cooktop where I roll out my doughs. The measurements printed on the mat are right where I need them.It is easy to clean…just a little awkward because of the size but…I chose the size so…;)Washes with soap and water, lays out on a towel to dry, rolls up and gets put away.Flexible too which is so much better than stiff, old Tupperware mats as I’ve had in the past.Really…I LOVE this mat.

  6. Dough

    Can be difficult to completely clean as any little grain of salt, sugar, or dried flour will stick. But I suppose it’s the nature of the material and I still give 5 stars.

  7. H.S.

    I bake a ton! I’m always making breads and cookies too. I have marble countertops, and it’s a pain to clean all the mess up off of them. This mat is giant! It was so nice to roll out my dough and clean off the mat and be done. Highly recommend. You need this. I just hand washed it this time and everything cleaned right off.

  8. Listener

    36×24 excellent!! I use it on my kitchen table for biscuits, cookies, bread Etc. as I have no kitchen counter space. With this mat, I can have a sanitary place to make all our baking goodies. Great product!!!

  9. Stephanie

    The mat didn’t slide when I was rolling dough and the dough didn’t stick to the pad like one I previously used. It was very easy to clean. To dry, after wiping it dry with a cloth, I set it over the back of the chair to thoroughly dry before putting it in storage.

  10. Mom4Teens

    This is a great base for the counter. It’s too big for my baking sheets but I wanted something large enough for rolling out pie dough and cinnamon roll dough etc. Thumbs way up.

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