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Nonstick Frying Pan Skillet, Swiss Granite Coating Omelette Pan, Healthy Stone Cookware Chef’s Pan, PFOA Free (8/9.5/10/11/12.5 Inch) (9.5 Inch)

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Nonstick Frying Pan Skillet, Swiss Granite Coating Omelette Pan

Nonstick Frying Pan Skillet, Swiss Granite Coating Omelette Pan, Healthy Stone Cookware Chef's Pan, PFOA Free (8/9.5/10/11/12.5 Inch) (9.5 Inch). SENSARTE FACTORY

Nonstick Frying Pan Skillet, Swiss Granite Coating Omelette Pan

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Established in 2001

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Special Feature

Nonstick Pan, Gas Stovetop Compatible, Non Stick Pan, Electric Stovetop Compatible, chef's pan, Induction Stovetop Compatible, Skillet Nonstick, Frying Pans Nonstick, Egg Pan Nonstick, omelet pan




9.5 Inches

Product Care Instructions

Hand Wash Only, Dishwasher Safe

Number of Pieces


Model Name

Swiss Granite Coating Omelette Pan

Has Nonstick Coating


Is Dishwasher Safe


Product Dimensions

17.5 x 9.5 x 2.2 inches

Item Weight

1.87 pounds





Item model number

Nonstick Frying Pan Skillet

10 reviews for Nonstick Frying Pan Skillet, Swiss Granite Coating Omelette Pan, Healthy Stone Cookware Chef’s Pan, PFOA Free (8/9.5/10/11/12.5 Inch) (9.5 Inch)

  1. Yenrab Namrehs

    Exceptional. After trying any number of “nonstick” pans, all of which crapped -out in 6 months or less. All had wear marks or burnt-food marks that resulted in sticks. So much for “nonstick”, right? Sensarte had none of that. Zero. Nada. No scratches (I use Teflon spatulas), even heating, and nothing sticks. Eggs, steak, fried Szechuan noodles… all smooth as silk stirred around your the pan. Yes, having to attach the wood handle raised an eyebrow, but a few turns of the screw and ‘viola’! Handle on secure. And attractive (and stays cool under convention heat). Cannot compliment this pan enough. For those who have written negative or mediocre reviews, no idea what pan they got. Two words: buy this!

  2. Inkwan

    This is one of the best pans I have ever used! It’s the ideal weight, in the perfect spot between a cast iron and those cheap aluminum pans. The non-stick works GREAT and I’m not particularly careful with my pans but this one has yet to get a scratch. I threw out my similar sized copper pan after one use of this one. I can’t recommend it enough!

  3. Kirk Frye

    Easy to clean non stick surface is durable nothing has stuck to it so far.

  4. don kalibat

    Being only a guy, what do I know – BUT the 12 ” [bottom measure] is easy to handle, heats slowly and evenly on electric, practically cleans itself. Not long enough to know about scratches.

  5. Marcia A

    We have this skillet in a smaller size and love it so much that we decided to buy this larger one. It is so easy to clean because of the way the handle is attached. It is a bit deeper than other skillets which helps keep food from spattering out of the pan. Food cooks evenly…highly recommend it.

  6. Almaden reader

    Have used this pan almost daily for six months now, it is still like new, no problem whatsoever.

  7. non p.

    My neighbor, lives in 3M dollar house, has the Viking stove and the $1000 of dollar pan set. She was shocked when we had a family cookout. My pans {all Sensarte} Out performed the other brands at our cookout. My neighbor now has her kitchen stocked with Sensarte pans and you will too after trying them. read the instructions and enjoy years of service. Best Christmas present you could give a family friend or coworker for gift for any occasion ..

  8. Officer Mom

    I love this skillet; so does my husband. Nothing has stuck in the two months we’ve used her daily.To preserve her performance we never use high heat; it’s not needed. Impatience is the ruinor of many skillets. You can brown or braize food on low if you start early and prepare the rest of the meal as the skillet works her magic. Resist the urge to rush and you will be rewarded.Naturally we never shock her hot surface with cold water or use metal utensils.Nor do we ever purposely test the limits of any tool. Long time service is always the objective.

  9. Gail Kilday

    In past none lasted very good but theses seem to be quality and so far great I do put some olive oil in bottom for frying but cooks even and great

  10. Extended Time of Ownership Reviewer

    I always try to wait a while before writing a review on a product, because isn’t everything great at first, and then age wears it down to not-so-great after a short time period? This, I must say, is my favorite non-stick pan I’ve ever purchased. I’ve actually been eager to write this review, but wanted to wait and make sure it lasted. I always end up disappointed normally. Non-stick pans never seem to last, they’re always great at first. I use them until they get so bad that cleaning them is truly a frustrating experience due to how bad things are sticking, then I replace them.Thus far, that has not happened with this pan. In fact, this pan is as non-stick now as when I bought it. I literally just cleaned it (eggs were scrambled in it and it was left sitting long enough that the egg residue in the pan had dried). It cleaned so easy. I used the soft side of the sponge, not the bristle side of the sponge…it just wiped right off after months of daily use.In fact, I have never used the green scrub pad on a sponge on this pan. The product information said that you shouldn’t, so my husband and I don’t. It comes clean super easily, and it’s great to cook in. I don’t feel like the non-stick has aged a day. So far, definitely the most impressive non-stick pan I’ve had.Second Pro: I love, love, love how deep this skillet is. It’s the same size around as your normal ‘big’ skillet…but it’s deeper. Absolutely great for when you’re cooking something that requires tossing or a big meal for a group. I suppose the fact that it’s deeper than normal should be obvious through the dimensions, but I’ll be honest…I’ve no idea how deep measurement-wise any of my skillets are.Negatives: The pan heats up slow. I guess that’s my biggest complaint. Every other pan I’ve had, if I put it on the burner with the heat on the same temperature, will be hot faster than this pan. It’s been seven months, so I’ve adjusted to it. And all things said, I’m pretty okay with this being my biggest complaint on the pan.Notes: My husband and I take care to not use metal utensils on the pan to protect the non-stick, and as I said before we always clean it with just the soft side of the sponge. Which is surprisingly just fine because it works. I was leery of it at first, but it really does come clean that easy, and the non-stick lasts well if you treat it like the directions say to. I was worried my plastic spatula which is a pretty hard/solid plastic would scratch it anyways like it did the other non-stick pans, but it’s been fine.At some point, I’ll probably look for this pan in different sizes and replace my smaller non-stick pans too. I never have because the big skillet is the one that gets daily use, while the others get used rarely so aren’t as bad as the one we replaced with this.

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