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Pinzon 6 Piece Blended Egyptian Cotton Bath Towel Set – Cream

(10 customer reviews)


From the manufacturer

Pinzon Blended Egyptian Cotton Bath Towel Set

Egyptian Cotton Bath Towel

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Pinzon Blended Egyptian Cotton Bath Towel Sets

Medium Weight 600 GSM

The weight of a towel can be a great indicator of quality and performance. Typically, towel density is measured in grams per square meter (GSM) and ranges from 300 to 900 GSM.

Towels with 600 GSM – like this Egyptian Cotton Towel Set – offer a more luxurious, spa-like experience. This medium-density towel will soak up water fast for noticeable absorbency, and dry quickly for a fresh feeling with each use.

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Pinzon 6-Piece Egyptian Cotton Towel Set

Luxurious Egyptian Cotton

Considered best in class when it comes to high-quality cotton, Egyptian cotton offers a sought-after combination of superior strength and luxurious softness.

It makes a great choice for bath towels because of its high absorbency and breathability, which means water gets wicked away quickly and air can circulate for faster drying.

Egyptian cotton grows in the warm climate of Egypt and features extra-long durable fibers that give towels a beautiful texture and long-lasting strength.

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Pinzon 6-Piece Egyptian Cotton Towel Set

Ringspun for Extra-Smooth Yarn

Ringspun yarn repeatedly twists together strands of long and short fiber to the point where they become an extremely thin, tightly woven rope of fiber. The twisting process causes short fiber hairs to stick out, creating a noticeably soft hand feel and, overall, an ultra-smooth yarn with superior strength. Compared to combed yarn, ringspun yarn typically offers a sleeker finish for a more polished appearance.

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Towel form type

Bath Towel

Age Range (Description)

All Ages


Terrycloth, Cotton

Product Dimensions

56 x 30 x 0.04 inches


6-Piece Set




No Theme

Product Care Instructions

Machine Wash


6-Piece Set

Unit Count

1.0 Count

Fabric Type

100% Cotton

Package Type

Standard Packaging

Item Weight

1 pounds





Item model number


Number of Pieces


Batteries Required?


Import Designation


10 reviews for Pinzon 6 Piece Blended Egyptian Cotton Bath Towel Set – Cream

  1. KayLynMac

    These are some of the softest bath towels I have ever purchased! Also, they are thick and don’t snag easily. I will definitely order these in different when we need some more.

  2. MariamG

    ***Updated review.I purchased these towels in spite of the mixed reviews and pictures of damaged towels… One reason being the low $21.99 price point for the set of 6 towels, another being the slightly larger bath towels at 30″x 56″ (standard is 27×54).Also, I read reviews stating that the plum is slightly lighter than pictured and this is what I was hoping for. I figured they were worth a risk as I noticed the reviewers who noted the plum color didn’t seem to have as many negative reviews.They arrived quickly and my husband and I both agreed that they appear to be thick and beautiful. That said, I can’t yet comment on quality, in terms of longevity, but will be updating this review after a few months of use and numerous washes.I am very particular about how I launder clothing and the likes, so my findings will only really apply for others who do the same… I don’t wash towels with jeans or other articles with zippers or anything that could snag them (or that the towels would wear down).I use Perwoll detergent for darks which preserves and renews dark colors beautifully (sold here on Amazon, pricey but a little goes a long way and its worth it) and I don’t use detergents with regular fillers which buildup on clothes. 


    Lastly, I use wool dryer balls and do not use fabric softener (which especially shouldn’t be used with towels since it leaves a coating on them, making them less absorbent). 

    Smart Sheep 6-Pack XL Premium 100% Wool Dryer Balls (Reusable, #1 All-Natural Fabric Softener ~ Best Ranked, Great Gift)

    I uploaded some pictures so you can see the plum. I laid out a couple of purple cardigans next to them that are more of a true purple or plum, for comparison. These are a slightly smokey plum (more plum than gray, just a touch more muted shade). Very plush, especially for under $22, and much prettier than expected!Definitely recommend, at the very least, for towels on display getting little use. No snags or poor quality apprearance upon arrival – from Pinzon seller via Amazon, in Plum.Happy shopping! Smile.*UPDATE* After first wash, no more dryer lint than with any other new towel set I’ve purchased. No fuzzies sticking to wet skin or shedding. Color and overall look is as good as new… More to come if anything changes…After a month of use, a number of washes and dryings, we are super happy with this set! We will be ordering another set while we can (noticed the seperates in plum are no longer available and the HUGE bath mat in plum is now also gone- very plush!). I do recommend it though, (still available in other colors) see my review with photos here: http://www.amazon.com/review/R1ESKH88D6JLD7/ref=cm_cr_pr_perm?ie=UTF8&ASIN=B000T2T8RKHope this helps!

  3. Courtney Chatfield

    My husband will only use these towels after he showers, says others feel like sand paper. We’ve had them for serval months and they are still soft to the touch. Will only be buying these towels from now on!

  4. Alpenglow Vacation Rentals

    As a vacation rental company, linens and towels are important to me for the homes I represent. I find these towels are durable, wash and dry easily, are thick, definitely NOT cheap looking or feeling. These towels are now my go-to for all the homes I manage. Highly recommend, and the guests rave about them as well! WIN/WIN!

  5. Seanincolorado

    I love these towels. They are great size and soft. I use a lot of towels and so far they have held up to being washed on a regular basis. I’m ordering more.

  6. Puppluv

    Update #2. Cocoa set 14 months old washed and dried on high heat 2-3 X’s a Wk are still in great condition. Colorado is still the same as day one, supersoft, no strings. Navy are 12 months and same great condition as. Cocoa, great color-no fading at all, no thinning, no strings, absorbent and soft, would buy again in a minute! Linen is the same as above but the Colorado has always looked a little dingy and still does but still its ok. The Burgundy towels are a sad sad state if affairs. I bought them with the others but never opened them until the end of november 2012 and they were stringy by end of january. First a few strings here and there but then suddenly the edging came apart on all of the towels-bath, hand, and washcloths. These are a mess and it is ridiculous to use them for so short a time, assuming I would pack them up and use them for years and years at Christmastime. They are the same weight and absorbency, softness, staying Color etc. BUT CLEARLY they are poor quality in comparison. I am not docking stars because the 5 other sets have been treated brutally with great results. One use and towels get washed on heavy and dried on high heat. For the price-i guess I can spend $20 again to have holiday towels. Will I? Hmmm…its really an unnecessary luxury-but then its summer- by fall I might think its worth it again. I have continued to use them rather than pack them up because they were too stringy to save and use as “NICE” TOWELS this Christmas and they will be rags for cleaning in the next few months no doubt.UPDATED: THESE ARE SO SOFT AND PLUSH WITHOUT BEING HEAVY AND WEAR SO WELL THAT I CAME BACK FOR THE LINEN/TAN COLOR AND MOST RECENTLY FOR THE DARK BLUE AND BURGUNDY (FOR CHRISTMAS TOWELS.) THE DK BLUE IS A BEAUTIFUL JEWEL TONE AND IS THE BEST COLOR OF THEM ALL.THE RED IS A JEWELTONE TOO-ALMOST BURGUNDY. MY CHOCOLATE TOWELS HAVE BEEN WASHED 3 TIMES A WEEK AND ARE STILL CHOCOLATE AND ONLY ONE STRING FOUND SO FAR AND NOW I HAVE ENOUGH WITH THE BLUE AND TAN SO I DON’T HAVE WASH AS OFTEN. THE TAN COLOR IS MY LEAST FAVORITE BECAUSE ITS THAT IN-BETWEEN TAN THAT LOOKS A LITTLE OLD WHEREAS THE OTHERS ARE CRISP AN LUSH AND WONDERFUL. BY FAR MY FAVORITE TOWELS NOW THAT I’VE HAD THEM FOR AWHILE. THANK GOD FOR THE PRICE OR I WOULD STILL BE USING MY SHAGGY FADED STRINGY TOWELS FROM YEARS GONE BY!I added the 5th star sooner than usual for a towel because of the excessively frequent washing-they have earned it by looking like the day I got them.ORIGINAL REVIEW: 4STARSFinally I found a great set of towels and they are cheap enough that I can get more than 1 towel!Here’s what I was looking for:Really Soft Towels-Not stiff, not rough, very soft on the face and body, soft enough to lay it on the pillow when I have wet hair without feeling like my head is on a towelThick and cushy – Thin enough that they aren’t massive and heavy without being thin towels-I hate thin towels, husband hates massively thick and heavy towels that don’t wrapAbsorbent-thick is not enough, it must absorb water, dry my body easily and NEVER repel water, but not come off me soaking wet and heavyStops linting on me after a few washesNo strings after a few washesNo fading after a few washesNo color runningThese towels in cocoa brown meet every single qualification above without any problem. I have now washed these towels 11 times. No strings, no fading, lint stopped filling the dryer screen after two washes. At first there was so much lint I had to clean the screen halfway through the dry cycle because they weren’t drying as quickly as they should. the second time, it got through the whole cycle but filled the screen again. Third time there was almost none.Color – the cocoa brown is a nice deep brown but not so dark that it might be black, they are a pure and absolute Cocoa Brown. I washed the towels alone the first and second time. The third time I washed with other similar colors – lighter browns and beige and khaki and some forest green fleece, there was no color running on any of the clothes/towels, everything came out in its original color. I wouldn’t stretch the color mix much farther anyway but its nice to know I can wash with lighter shades of brown and greens without any problem. They look the same as the day they arrived, no fading at all. I also noticed that there are no places where my face soap or hand soaps or makeup remover or anything I might have had on my face/hands has caused any lightening – this happens no matter how careful I am somehow and I don’t know which soaps cause it or if its face medicine or whatever but so far, I haven’t been careful at all since they are cheap, and still there are no spots or fading or lightening.They are perfectly soft after the first wash and I was thrilled, now they are the second softest towels I have ever had. They are thick enough to soak up water, dry my whole body, soak water from lots of hair, and yet they wrap around your body or waist without a problem – AND they never seemed to be heavy and soaking wet. No stiffness, no roughness, really soft towels. They are the second thickest towels I have ever had without them being the “too thick to use” and “too thick to wash”.Why 4 stars?No towels gets 5 stars unless I’ve had them for at least a year and they are still in good conditionI have been looking for towels that are as good as my favorite towels and these are 1 star behind that set of towels. However, I have tried 5 other kinds of towels, one of them being radically too expensive, out of complete desperation – none of the 5 towels came even close to the towels I had before that were discontinued. Truly horrible experience with towels over the last 5 years. Each time I think I have found it, I get one towel, 1 hand, 1 wash and am so thankful I didn’t get more because they are so dreadful for all of the reasons above note being true. This time I got what I wanted – not exactly the same quality as the ones I wanted but close enough that I can stop looking.The only problem and it doesn’t effect the rating, is the no bath sheet and the colors. None of these colors are colors I actually wanted. Seriously, I can not understand the “towel industry” or my limited interest in the colors of towels out there right now.Please make bath sheets available. I would love a color blue other than “wedgewood”. It looks like a country blue. A rich jewel tone navy or a medium shade of pastel blue like seashells or even go crazy with a teal, turquoise, or aqua, both are nice…Jewel tone burgundy is a nice color, pale pink is okay for one set on my girly feeling days just for myself, I would even buy black before I would buy what is here. on-screen, the cocoa is the same as in person and I like it, but it doesn’t match my bathroom, its just the only decent color. White gets ruined too fast, same as cream, which gets ruined fast and sometimes looks like a white towel that got old, the green looks like puke on screen, the khaki/beige/driftwood is my own problem – I like the color but it seems everytime I get the color, it is a rougher towel than the same towel in another color, and the grey isn’t a nice grey, it looks like a faded gray, its just flat! a light steel grey would be nice and a charcoal rich looking grey would be nice but in-between looks like it was charcoal and got old and faded. Obviously I like rich colors and a few pastel colors but this company makes neither (except for the cocoa). Perhaps my screen color is wrong, but since it was perfect for the cocoa, I doubt it.

  7. Candy lee

    Love this product! In fact I bought more sets for my household and for my grandson. They are so silkey soft, fluffy and thick! Yes, thickI Good value for your money. Washable & dryable on low heat. I would highly recommend them. They should be rated up with the best sellers. I would like to see more color assortments.

  8. Michael V.

    Would I but these again?Yes, as a starter set.No, as an adult looking for quality AND comfort.Everyone wants to get a good deal, so here’s the real question to ask, “Is the one-time $50 savings worth 2 to 5 years of rough wipes?” Only you can decide. In my opinion, these are a decent value for the price.I was surprised to learn that towels should be replaced every 2 to 5 years. My last set lasted 12 years. They weren’t broken, shredded, and didn’t have any holes. I still got dry. Every time. So why did my towels need to be replaced? The only reason is softness…and because my wife said so.SOFTNESS – This gets 3 out of 5 stars: while 100% cotton, only 30% is Egyptian cotton, so when I compare to my wife’s Nordstrom’s 100% Egyptian cotton, I felt a HUGE difference…as well as a higher (one-time) price.ABSORBENCY – In general, men wipe at water and women tend to pat themselves dry – either way, my new red (cranberry) towels do soak up water at an acceptable rate. It gets the job done with no frills – hey, you’re drying body parts, right?DURABILITY – I’ve used these towels for 4 months before I writing this review and my experience has been 96% good. No excessive pilling, but have seen some red fibers throughout my white bathroom, so it’s very noticeable.Does the towel function properly? Yes, in my experience it has performed well.Is it larger than the standard size? Yes, but in reality you don’t truly use the extra material.Is it beautiful, long-lasting, soft, easy to clean, doesn’t shed (pill), look good, etc.? Yes, mostly.There are more than 20,000 reviews on this product, so hopefully my review gives you a few solid key take-aways to help you make an informed decision.

  9. Linsey Caruso

    I really like these towels. Soft and absorbent

  10. Catkittypurr

    I have had this towel set for awhile now and had no issues with them. I wash and dry them every week and they held together plus keep there softness. I like that the set came with two of each so I could display in my bathroom plus not have to try to match colors later. Definitely recommend.

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