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Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Cake Maker, Egg Cooker and more, Includes App With Over 800 Recipes, Stainless Steel, 6 Quart

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Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Cake Maker, Egg Cooker

Pressure cooker, Electric Pressure Cooker, rice cooker, crock-pot, slow cooker, slow-cooker,

Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Cake Maker, Egg Cooker

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slow cooker, instapot, crock pot, electric pressure cooker

slow cooker, instapot, crock pot, electric pressure cooker

slow cooker, instapot, crock pot, electric pressure cooker

slow cooker, instapot, crock pot, electric pressure cooker

Central Dial

A simple turn and press for easier and more precise cooking program selection and adjustment.

Ultimate Custom Programming

For the home chef looking for a greater degree of customization and control for even greater precision cooking.

Altitude Adjustment

Eliminates the guesswork from a recipe conversion to provide a more precise cooking time.

Cooking Progress Indicator

Allows you can monitor the cooking states: Preheat, Cook and Keep Warm.


Pressure cooker, Electric Pressure Cooker, rice cooker, crock-pot, slow cooker, slow-cooker,Cook rice and steam veggies in the same pot

slow cooker, instapot, crock pot, electric pressure cooker

slow cooker, instapot, crock pot, electric pressure cooker

slow cooker, instapot, crock pot, electric pressure cooker

slow cooker, instapot, crock pot, electric pressure cooker

Quick Release Button

The Quick Release Button allows you to perform both continuous and pulse steam release manually. Once the Quick Release Button is in ‘venting’ position, it will automatically reset to the ‘sealing’ position when you open or close the lid.


Brushed stainless steel finger print resistant with lid holder for left and right handed users.

Stainless Steel Cooking Pot, Steam Rack & Lid

Healthy, food grade 304 (18/8) – no chemical coatings with inner pot markings at 1/2 and 2/3 for pressure cooking safety. The cooking pot, lid and steam rack are dishwasher safe.

Alexa Skill & Free App

Alexa guided cooking, 1000+ Recipes, Getting Started Videos, Favorite Recipe List, Personalized Grocery List and more.


Pressure cooker, Electric Pressure Cooker, rice cooker, crock-pot, slow cooker, slow-cooker,Quick start your mornings with a

Pressure cooker, Electric Pressure Cooker, rice cooker, crock-pot, slow cooker, slow-cooker,Comfort meals in no time

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Instant Pot


6 Quarts


Stainless steel

Closure Type

Outer Lid, Inner Lid


Stainless Steel/Black

Special Feature

Dishwasher Safe, Programmable


1000 watts

Product Dimensions

13 x 12.5 x 12.5 inches


110 Volts

Item Weight

11.83 pounds

Control Method


Operation Mode


Is Dishwasher Safe



Instant Pot



Country of Origin


Item model number

Ultra 60

10 reviews for Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Cake Maker, Egg Cooker and more, Includes App With Over 800 Recipes, Stainless Steel, 6 Quart

  1. Beth Wade

    I love all of my Instant brand products. I bought this specifically for canning food. It’s great! It holds 4 pint sized jars, and since I’m only cooking for my husband and myself, this is perfect. No worries about if it’s sealed or not, this pot does it for you. Highly recommend.

  2. TNT

    I had a pretty extensive list of what I needed in my Instant Pot, which was EVERYTHING. The Ultra ended up being the find!I live in downtown Vancouver in an apartment with a small kitchen. I had to have one appliance that did nearly everything since there’s no counter space for holding extra food gadgets.The 6Qt Ultra Instant Pot ended up having a programmable function that I can program to do a sous vide simulation. I can program it to Keep Warm for 99 hrs (4 days) for fermenting black garlic (which takes more like 12 days but I can restart the Warming four times no prob – the other IP models Keep Warm amax of 4 hrs!). It has a rice cooker setting which will be used endlessly. And I got a separate air fryer lid that fits and works perfect.In the pic, I made that entire meal in the Instant Pot. Air fried bean and v cheese taquitos, rice cooked quinoa and brown rice, sautéed leeks, squash, red beans, shiitake and kale. The Instant Pot doesn’t heat up my kitchen and cooks so fast, I can prepare multi-course meals all in the same pot and still have each course warm by plating.

  3. critters

    I was completely satisfied with my purchase it fits my existing instant pot and I ordered a lid and a storage lid and I am very happy with it

  4. Johnny dammit

    Had to get 1 in every size! This 1 is great for the family of 6 servings! The wife cooks everything in these! If you wife or significant other doesn’t have one buy it for them! You’ll both be happy! Easy to use ,clean and store! Better to have it and not need it that to need it and not have it!

  5. California Freddy

    I bought an instant pot, mostly to hard-boil eggs. (My only vice). After a while the pot bottom looked really bad. Steel wool didn’t help. For a laugh, I then tried a cup of CLR toilet bowler cleaner, Calcium, Lime, Rust Remover. WOW. My 4 year old instant pot now looks like new. The CLR was also an Amazon purchase. After such success I went all out and ordered a full gallon of this wonderful liquid. It’s a bit potent, so be a little careful. Now dumping a cup of the CLR in all of my toilets every month. Pure magic. Instant Pot should add a note to their blurb, with a hint that CLR might be useful at clean-up time.

  6. T. Mackel

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     Not being new to pressure cooking first thing I can say is WOW. I have to confess that I had a stove top pressure cooker a long time ago and have not used one in a while. I have been out of the loop on the Instant Pot electric pressure cookers too which is a blessing in that I followed my instincts and bought the Ultra without making the mistake of trying to save a few bucks for the Duo series.Like going to the car dealer for a new car, think of the Instant Pot line of cookers the same way., The Lux is the base model, the Duo is the model up from the base and the Duo Plus two models up from the base and the Ultra is the fully loaded model. Just like the car dealer, – more features means more money. With a street price of $149.00 for the Ultra, you can be patient and find them on sale from time to time. However, in any case $149.00 is a good price for what this cooker can do for you. If you use this cooker you will make up the cost of in saving on not eating out as much. The food you can cook is that good.I have been cooking in this Instant Pot every day since I received it; sometimes twice a day. I have also made sure to make things that require me to use more than the manual setting that can be created under Pressure Cook or Ultra. Here are my Pros and Cons.Pros:• LCD display – one of the big things I hear in the discussion groups is “I pushed the button and it says “ON”, but I don’t know what is happening. The Ultra has a cooking graph that displays the progress through the preheat, cooking and warming phases so you know right where you are in the process. The LCD display is miles ahead of any of the control panels on any other model offered by Instant Pot.• Venting, Quick release and the Pressure Regulator are improved. The vent/regulator now is controlled by a separate button – the Quick Release button, Push the button into the locking position and it pops the Vent up to release the pressure, turn the quick release knob and unlock the Vent so it drops back down and stops the pressure from releasing.• Ultra Program You can set the exact Temp, as low as 104 degree and as high as 208 degrees.• Set your Altitude and the programing on the Ultra will make the adjustments.• Aesthetics – It is much more attractive with the LCD panel than the other modelsCons:• Sealing ring in lid (silicone) picks up all the cooking smells and this ring stinks. The only solution I found to help take the cooking smell out of the silicone is to run the silicone ring through the dishwasher on the top rack laid flat. This seems to be a on going complaint from many Instant Pot owners• The Manual is not very detailed. The “Water Test” as know by users is in the manual as “Initial Test Run” on page 14. The instructions for the “Initial Test Run” are incomplete. After instructing to rotate the dial to steam and set the time for two minutes, the manual forgets to tell the user to press the start button next. While the explanations under numbers 6,7 and 8 are important for Pressure Cooking, it is not clear to the user that those are not part of the Initial Test. Since users have adopted the lingo “Water Test”; Instant Pot would be better off changing the future manuals to instruct the “Water Test”. A little more information on the preset programing. The manual talks about making Yogurt, a few more pages like that on the other functions would be helpful.This really is not a con, but just part of pressure cooking. Pressure cookers are moist cookers so any crispy dish you desired has to be done outside the Instant Pot, so for example Lasagna would be finished under the broiler to get that baked finish. Chicken skin does not come out the same as if it was roasted in the over. For all the other things you can do with your Instant Pot, these things are not a big deal.Here are some of the items I have prepared with my Instant Pot Ultra and the setting used.Pressure Cook – Apple Sauce, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Macaroni and Cheese, Slumgullion/ American GoulashSoup Broth – Split Pea Soup using dry split peasMeat/Stew – Crack Chicken, Honey Garlic Chicken, Cranberry Brisket, Dr Pepper Ribs, Beef Bourguignon, BratwurstBean/Chili – Black Beans and Smoked Turkey SausageSteam – Sweet PotatoSauté – vegetables and meat for dishes abovePorridge – Steel Cut OatsCake – New York Cheese Cake, Pumpkin Cheesecake, Giant PancakeEgg – Hard Boiled EggsYogurt – Greek Yogurt with 2% milkUltra – Sous Vide Tuna Steaks, Tempered Chocolate for candy making.Many people try to figure out which model is the one for them. If you are a cook or like cooking and know how to cook many items, then you are going to want the flexibility of the Ultra. It is worth every penny and not worth trying to save a few bucks going into the Duo model. Even if you don’t not cook a lot or have a wide range of cooking skills, the LCD panel really takes the mystery out of the pressure cooking cycle which is not available on the Duo or Lux models. Maybe the extra settings will entice novice cooks to try new things.Another thing I see commented in the forums is that people are afraid to start using their Instant Pot. Either they are afraid of pressure cooking in general or running the Instant pot is too complicated, so why try.This is a computerized pressure cooker, The venting and pressure regulating system the Ultra is excellent. If you follow some basic rules then you will be cooking worry free for a long time.1. Always have enough liquid in your recipe, The Instant Pot cannot generate pressure if there is not enough liquid.2. Do not over fill the pot. The bottom of page 14 in your Ultra manual has a great explanation on how much you can put in your Instant Pot Ultra.3. After each use, make sure to clean the lid and check to see if the venting system has any food that might block the venting system.This is a computerized pressure cooker and that makes it light years ahead of your mother’s or grandmother’s pressure cooker. The flexibility that the programming creates for the user makes this one of the more versatile cooking gadgets you can have in your kitchen. The computer programing makes it a safer cooking system compared to a manual stove top pressure cooker.My family is very typical, our kids have many after school activities, we get home late and no one wants to go through the hassle of cooking. We have a slow cooker, but if we forget to set it up in the morning before we leave the house, it still takes time to put together recipes when we get home. The Instant Pot has changed all that. The pressure cooking system cuts cook times dramatically. Additionally I don’t have to sit over the stove monitoring my cooking food. Once I put all the food in the pot, put the lid on and hit start, I can get many other things done around the house.My family is eating out less (saving money) and eating healthier, making better food choices than when we are eating out. There are so many recipes out on the internet and in cookbooks that my family looks forward to coming home to eat because it is going to be something good and probably new to us.

  7. Nicole Thompson

    I got the 6 qt version as a gift a few years back and everytime I use it, our meals come together in much less time, with much less effort, and we have minimal cleanup afterwards because we use far less pots/dishes to prepare our food. My FAVORITE thing to make in the instant pot are ribs, and with a family of 4 the 6 qt is too small to cook 2 racks at once. So i took a leap and purchased the 8 qt, and I beyond happy with it. I bet I could fit at least 3 in there.. Anyways, I am SO happy with these, I am going to keep the 6 qt as well so I can cook multiple dishes and decent dinners can come together during the week for my family in a fraction of the time. You will ditch out on all your other kitchen accessories once you get something like this if you like to be as efficient aas possible 😉

  8. Cruisepuppy

    I’ve always loved my old Instant Pot and use it regularly for many things, but the one thing it lacked was the ability to can which has now been addressed with the Instant Pot Max. I’m so happy and excited to finally be able to CAN with my Instant Pot! It only does pint jars, but that’s fine since it’s just my husband and I, and we don’t need quart size canning jars anyway. I loved my Instant Pot Duo, but the Instant Pot Max is even better!

  9. KissingTaco

    After watching Sam the Cooking Guy on Youtube, I decided that I wanted to try cooking with a pressure cooker.Well, I will say that a pressure cooker will reduce your cooking time substantially and the food taste great.My first experiment was making an Indian dish – butter chicken. Normally when I make it in a pan, it stinks up the whole house due to the number of spices used. I also normally open all the windows to not have the smell linger.Anyway, fast forward to the pressure cooker with butter chicken – 1) under pressure and cooking – there is hardly any smell at all which is a major plus. All of it is locked into the pressure cooker, 2) cook time was literally reduced to 30 minutes allowing for a quick, healthy and tasty dinner.Clean-up was also very simple. Take out the inner pot, soak and wash like normal. The exterior needs a wipe down with a soapy sponge and cleans up very nicely. Since the buttons are all in a plastic template, there’s no worry about food getting inside the mechanism itself. Super simple.

  10. Kieran McCarty

    I was looking at Instant Pots and was considering getting the mini (3qt) because I live alone but several reviews said (and I confirmed with a few searches) that most of the accessories available only fit the 6qt or 8qt sizes. Since I wanted to maximize the Pot’s utility, that was important. Then, when I saw an Amazon Warehouse deal on a 6 qt Ultra — top of the line! — for less than the regular price of the Mini Duo that had fewer features, I jumped on it. It said it had significant visual flaws on the lid, but I didn’t really care as long as it functioned properly. Well, the flaws are on the inside of the lid and are barely noticeable, so I feel like I got a terrific bargain.It doesn’t take more than a couple minutes to get to full pressure and start the cooktime, and the steam release button works very rapidly.Though i haven’t yet decided on what accessory set[s] to buy, I know at least I want a springform pan: I kluged a form to make a cheesecake in this device, as it is the easiest bain marie, and I was amazed to find it came out really well (it looked pretty wobbly right out of the pot, but it firmed up nicely in the refrigerator). I have cooked 3 pounds of chicken breast on the bone in less than 8 minutes, it was moist and tender, and the bones remained soft enough to give them to my dog – he’s a terrier who gnaws everything to dust and doesn’t gulp his food, but I don’t give him bones from roast chicken, only boiled. Because pressure cooking uses less water than regular boiling, more of the flavor stays in the meat. I also cooked a big pork chop on the bone for 3 minutes after browning it a bit (using the saute setting, then adding water and sealing) and it was nicely tender despite being not a bit pink inside (i used a salty solution rather than plain water). I have yet to make yogurt, but i used the yogurt setting to foster a rapid ferment of fruit wine (found IP instructions on the internet) that turned out great (alternate between venting and not venting the developing CO2); I’m thinking it might also work for other ferments that a low heat promotes, such as kimchi, sauerkraut, tofu misozuke, etc — i’m not into kombucha but maybe it would work for that too. I’m looking forward to using it for water-bath canning (the pressure is not high enough for true pressure canning, you need the Instant Pot Max for that), but it can sterilize empty jars and lids, and then substitute for a canning kettle waterbath for jams and pickles. Maybe the 8qt is a better choice if you do *a lot* of canning jams, fruit, pickles and sauerkraut (high acid foods don’t need pressure canning), but for the amount I do the 6qt will suffice, and it takes up enough room on the counter, I can’t imagine how big the 8qt’s footprint is.I’m also looking forward to doing beans in it in a much shorter timeframe than with a slowcooker (tho there is also a slowcooker setting on this pot), because dry beans are cheaper but previously took a lot of planning to use. Now if I want to make sweet red bean baste steambuns, I can do it all in one day without a pot on the stove to watch. i’m notorious for getting distracted and burning pots with beans or rice on the stove, that’s why I bought a ricecooker and a crockpot — both of which can now be retired, since the Instant Pot also did 2 cups of a wild and brown rice mixture, normally at least a 40-minute project in the rice cooker and inevitably if the wild rice is fully softened, the brown rice kernels have exploded, but if the brown rice is done perfectly the wild rice is still a bit too tough… in the IP they *both* came out perfectly cooked, in just 25 minutes, with only 2 cups of stock to 2 cups of dry rice!This has quickly become my favorite kitchen gadget, especially in the hot summer when I don’t want to turn the oven or even rangetop on. The Instant Pot contains virtually all its heat until you release the pressure, and even then it’s not nearly as warming of the kitchen as traditional cooking, and its easy to just position it right under the ceiling vent so the steam rises up and out of the house!It doesn’t do everything, of course — you’ll never make a pizza, a baguette, or a crackly-skin roast bird in an Instant Pot — but there is so much it does, in such a short time. I doubted I would ever buy one when I first heard about them, but I’m sold now. I might even get a mini to have for smaller meals, just so I use less electricity.

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