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Professional Series 1-Quart Saucepan with Cover, Stainless Steel Home & Kitchen

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From the manufacturer

Professional Series 1-Quart Saucepan

 Professional Series 1-Quart Saucepan with Cover, Stainless Steel Home & Kitchen

Professional Series 1-Quart Saucepan

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Cuisinart Professional Stainless Saucepan with Cover, 1-Quart

These professional quality 1 Quart Saucepan with Cover is made from premium stainless steel. Perfect for single servings of soups, vegetables, sauces and delicious side dishes. The tempered glass lid offer a clear view of what’s cooking.

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  • Exceptional Performance – Premium stainless steel for professional quality performance.
  • Superior Heat Distribution – PowerBond high-impact bonded base ensures ultimate durability, heats up fast and distributes heat evenly. Eliminates hot spots.
  • The Coolest Touch in Home Cooking – Cast stainless steel Cool Grip stick handles are contoured for a secure grip and designed to stay cool on the stovetop.
  • Perfect Balance – Riveted stainless steel handles, including side grips and helper handles, are professionally riveted to ensure perfect balance.
  • Flavor Lock. Lids – Tempered glass lids fit tight to lock in flavor, texture and nutrients. Wide, easy-grip handles.
  • Drip-Free Pouring – Rims of cookware are tapered to make pouring clean and easy.
  • Versatile Performance – Oven safe to 500°F. Glass lids are oven safe to 350°F. Cook on stovetop, in oven, or under broiler. Freezer safe for easy food storage.

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Product Dimensions

5 x 14 x 8 inches

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2.2 pounds





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10 reviews for Professional Series 1-Quart Saucepan with Cover, Stainless Steel Home & Kitchen

  1. Dibs

    Was a toss-up between this Professional series and the Pro Stainless Steel – and I ended up buying here on Amazon the 11 piece Professional series, two more 8″ stainless (not non-stick) and a 12″ (cook whole package of bacon at once) fry pans. (If the cost weren’t so outrageous, I’d really like one or two of the 1 qt. Professional sauce pans also.) But I also picked up the 1-1/2 qt. sauce pan from the Pro series as it was on sale for $20 at Kohl’s. So now I can compare both:*Both Pro and Professional are quality. I’d be happy with either. But I’m more happy with Professional – extra quality.*The Pro are lighter than the Professional; the Professional more solid and sturdy.*Professional has glass lid for see-through; Pro is solid metal lid. My only wish is that the Professional lid might have a vent so it doesn’t steam/boil over. But both are marketed to have a secure/tight lid (I think the Professional sets better), so I guess they didn’t want a vent as it does serve to heat up more quickly. But – ask me, I know – it can overflow easily if you don’t watch it!*Both heat very quickly and retain heat – wowie, they sure do!! And I now turn off heat towards the end and let them sit for a bit as they keep the heat for a while. I’ve never had pans that heat so well! Wow! So I use less gas so at some point they will pay for themselves with less energy costs. Great!*Also, even my large 12″ fry pan, and all of them – I have to say it seems the heat is even. I don’t have hot and cold spots like other pans. Bacon will cook at the edge the same as at the middle. Outstanding!*The edge of the pans – all of them – is rounded so very east to pour out and doesn’t drip down the side. Totally terrific! The 3 qt. sauce pan even flutes a bit for more of a pour spout (if you’re right-handed) – use that for pasta or boiling anything (see below re straining lid).*The handles on the Pro are more plain, basically strip of metal, the video says formed for a thumb hold, which they do, sure. (And probably help keep the price down.) But the Professional has more substantial, rounded handles. (Looks nicer.) Both can be hung up from a hole on the handle ends. (I would if I could, but store them in a cabinet with a paper towel between fry pans.)*My BIGGEST SURPRISE: Both Pro and Professional clean easily! I never imaged stainless steel would be this easy! Even crusted bacon, hamburger, etc. The instructions say to add soap and hot (definitely not cold1) water after cooking and let them soak. I let them cool just enough to run a paper towel over them to get up any grease first, then add the hot water with soap before I eat. And even if I don’t right after using them, a wee soak later and all comes off easily. Even scrambled eggs!*I typically use the green 3M scrubber sponges and pressing hard on the scrub side will scratch. The blue softer ones won’t scratch. But even the green isn’t bad.*I wanted to get rid of the non-stick to get rid of chemicals and peeling junk — well, those non-stick pans (I’ve tried a lot of different ones!) all stick worse than these stainless steel! Wish I had tried these way sooner! So I didn’t really want the 8″ non-stick that came with this set, but I admit it is a way better non-stick quality than others I had, and seems to avoid the obnoxious chemicals, so I use it sometimes. It’s also good.*And both Pro and Professional work for induction stoves, electric, propane, or gas (which I have, yea!).*The picture on the website doesn’t indicate, but the steamer insert goes inside the 2 qt. sauce pan. It sits high which means the saucepan holds a lot of water, so now you can start your steamer and do other things and not have to worry about the pan running out of water. Does a great job, way better than a basket-like insert sitting on top of 1″ of water.*The 3 qt. sauce pan with “straining” cover is like you use to cook pasta – the lid comes down maybe 1.5″ and on one side has big holes, and on the other side smaller holes, so you can pour out water and keep in spaghetti or other food.* The lids with the raised handles, yes, is good to save your knuckles because these do get really hot, but sometimes I also have to use a potholder on the lid or handle. Most of the time, though, they’re not too hot.Really pleased with this Professional set. Outstanding how quickly they heat up and that they use less heat. And they’re beautiful. Good job, again, Cuisinart! You did it again! Thank you!1/8/2021 Update – Lids that don’t come with the set may not fit: The 8″ frypan has an inside diameter of 7-7/8.” The frypans have no lids, but I had a another glass lid (with vent) from Amazon and it measured 7-5.7″ for the inside rim (8-1/4″ for the outer rim), so it works fine with these pans. The 10″ frypan has an inside diameter of 9-5/8,” and the 2 glass lids that come with the 3 qt, saute pan and 8 qt. stock pot fit fine on all 3 pots/pans. I had another glass lid (with vent) from Amazon and it measured 10″ for the inside rim (10-3/4″ for outside rim) so it (and another lid from another set) does not fit on any of these 3 Cuisinart pans because the inside rim of the lid (10″) is greater than the inside rim of the pots/pans (9-5/8″). The 12″ frypan has an inside diameter of 11-7/8″ (so for a lid to fit it will have to have that diameter or smaller), and an outside diameter of 13-3/8″. (I’ve 2 spatter screens, one from Amazon, and they’re both big enough to more than cover the frypan.)

  2. Candice Lambert

    (1) perfect size for a can of Campbell’s Soup. (2) pan heats up quickly and stays hot longer than others after taking off the burner. (3) I like letting my soup rest for five minutes after cooking to let the ingredients blend in well, and I was pleasantly surprised to see this pan keep the heat as long as it did. (4) getting ready to buy the 1.5 quart pan next. (5) Cuisinart, here I come…😘

  3. Edgardo Martin Huallanca

    Son de esos productos que duran toda la vida si le das un buen uso y cuidado , me regalaron hace 3 años atrás por motivo de viaje los dejé en mi país , y decidí ahorrar y hacer esa buena compra , son las mejores ollas para mi y fueron para mi suegra que amaba estas ollas , mantienen la temperatura con su doble Fondo, la compraría nueva mente para obsequiar a mi madre.

  4. POA54

    I’m very happy with this fryer; the material makes the heat distribution doesn’t need to select high heat, using medium temperature is enough and you don’t damage the pan. It’s excellent to cook any meat; I bought it to make a rare beef steak indoor, I use an iron skillet fryer for outdoors. The most important thing is the quality of the stainless steel construction and versatility of this guy; very easy to clean and a perfect size for everything. I really recommend this Cuisinart .

  5. M. Huang

    I like this pan. I do a lot of my cooking in this pan now. I like I can cook pasta in it without having to break spaghetti to make it fit or have to boil a large pot of water when I just cook for myself.I was wondering how much actual food this pan could hold before I bought it. So in the pic I did an 8oz package of Zatarain’s dirty rice, 1.08 lb of ground beef, half an onion, 2 celery stalks, 1 bell pepper, and was able to pour 2 1/4 cups of water.In my opinion, a single person wouldn’t need anything larger than this, even if you plan on left-overs for future meals.

  6. N B

    I like to use my induction burner more than my gas stove for anything I need to stand there stirring for minutes, such as custards. Last year I bought the 1qt version and was impressed by how I could boil water for tea nearly instantly, and how sturdy and well-made it was, and how nice the lid was. Now I have the 3qt version for making ice cream bases and it’s just great. They’re a good price but feel way more expensive than they are. I feel like the two sizes I have cover most scenarios, but if I ever need another piece of induction-ready cookware I’m going straight for this line, no hesitation.

  7. ERG

    Sturdy handle and quality construction. Great non-stick coating.

  8. robin simpson

    I’m 61 yrs old and this is the 1st brand of skillets I’ve ever been satisfied with!

  9. Kimberly

    This thing is huge but I love it. I usually wash by hand with Bar Keepers Friend because I feel like the dishwasher doesn’t do the job. It’s been great. No more scratches of non stick in my food!

  10. Miranda

    Exactly what I was looking for! I ditched my microwave a few months ago. So I needed new ways to make foods and snacks! I bought this little pan mainly for my oatmeal. But easy to heat up a side, sauce, gravy, etc! So glad it came with a lid too! Sturdy, nice solid handle (oppose to hollow ones where it can get icky in them) Very glad with my purchase!

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