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Shower Curtain Liner Heavy Duty Shower Curtain with Rustproof Metal Grommet and 3 Magnetic Weights

(10 customer reviews)


Product Description –

Shower Curtain Liner

bigfoot Shower Curtain Liners

Shower Curtain Liner. Bigfoot. Stain Resistant.

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Bigfoot, bathroom decor stays beautiful.

Rust-Proof Metal Grommets

Better Showers In Tdy Surroundings

big foot Shower Curtain Liners

Shower Curtain Liners

Shower Curtain Liners by bigfoot

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Ethylene Vinyl Acetate

Product Dimensions

72 x 0.1 x 72 inches

Room Type




Top Style

Grommet, Rod


72" X 72" Single

Included Components


Hanging Method


Package Weight

0.34 Kilograms

Item Weight

12 ounces


Bed Bath Kitchen



10 reviews for Shower Curtain Liner Heavy Duty Shower Curtain with Rustproof Metal Grommet and 3 Magnetic Weights

  1. Ginga

    Purchased this liner 6 months ago, have been using it for that duration. There was no mold or mildew, soap scum started to show this month, which reminded me it’s time for a new one. I’ve been looking at reviews saying mold grows fast or scum collects quick. News flash: that is probably because they themselves aren’t as clean as they think they are, have a mold problem inside their house, or don’t bother rinsing off the curtain before they step or clean it when they clean (if they clean).It’s a cheap liner, but for 6 months before notice of heavy wear, that’s a good price.Highly suggest not keeping your bathrooms extremely humid or else mold will grow. Open a window, open the door.Cheap liners are also not for long term yearly use, you’re suppose to change them regularly. If you get fabric, I assume you wash those in a washing machine with bleach.

  2. hausfrau

    those shower curtain liner is just what i was hoping for. good quality and perfect fit. would recommend them to every on.

  3. tajudah

    Love this for our bathroom with no windows or vents. Our old shower liner smelled awful no matter what we did because of the mildew and mold easily built up. This stays very clean and is super easy to wipe down. Only wish the magnets were bigger.

  4. Kathleen Panek

    I bought this for a shower in one of the guestrooms at my bed & breakfast – everything MUST look better than nice. We use an nylon liner inside and a decorative curtain outside of this. It is perfect for my use. Now to see how long it stays nice.

  5. Jill C

    It’s a nice liner. I haven’t had it up that long due to me getting sepsis in June & having 2 knee surgeries & a Picc Line put in so I could have IV antibiotics & oral antibiotics for the long haul. I think thus will be a better clear shower liner than I have bought in the past. So far, I haven’t had any problems with it. I would highly recommend this clear shower liner

  6. Katherine

    We normally go for an opaque shower curtain but I got this on accident but I love it. It lets in more light when you’re in the bath.

  7. wayne d. arehart jr.

    Quality curtain, magnets on the bottom lets no water in, thick material doesn’t move around while shower is running.

  8. Renee’s iPad

    This shower curtain liner is terrific, it’s so super thick and heavy. It does a fantastic job staying in place during your shower and dries very quickly. We’ve only had it for a short time but so far it seems to clean great. Highly recommend, 10 out of 10

  9. mike heath

    This 7 dollar item solved my problem. I have to run a humidifier in my bathroom to keep out the moisture, and have had a constant problem with mildew and mold in this apartment since I moved in. This shower liner/curtain fixed the issue. I rarely write a review, but I figure if someone is dealing with the same unhealthy circumstance, this could help. Just spreading the love! 🙂 Thank you for making such a useful and economical fix!

  10. Giovanna Idalski

    I ordered those all the time my husband is very happy with them so that’s why I order them and the price is good

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