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Smart Scale for Body Weight, Accurate to 0.05lb (0.02kg), Fat Water Muscle BMI for People, Bluetooth Electronic Body Composition Monitors

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From the brand –

Smart Scale for Body

Smart Scale for Body, Etekcity

Smart Scale for Body

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Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎

11 x 11 x 1.1 inches; 2.7 Pounds

Item model number ‏ : ‎


Batteries ‏ : ‎

3 AAA batteries required. (included)

Date First Available ‏ : ‎

May 30, 2021

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Best Sellers Rank:

#2 in Digital Bathroom Scales

10 reviews for Smart Scale for Body Weight, Accurate to 0.05lb (0.02kg), Fat Water Muscle BMI for People, Bluetooth Electronic Body Composition Monitors

  1. nUSA

    I got the black one and it isn’t a spot magnet for wet or dry spots. Unlike a previous scale I had it is not tipsy and the rounded corners are nice. Its size is adequate without being humongous, The app works nicely but I have not checked it for accuracy. I am one so the family functions are wasted on me but I like it quite well just for me.I am still exploring all the features of the app (like the meal plan) and it will take a bit of time for me to be able to evaluate that and the exercise etc. Results don’t happen with me overnight. In two words for a review mine would be Buy It.

  2. iamjz

    This scale is what I was looking for in regards to tracking my weight. I like that multiple people can use the scale, since it records your information over Bluetooth to the nearest phone with the app activated. Additionally the scale seems to be accurate enough with the information it records.My only complaint is that the app can use a little improvement. I feel the app is a little dated, and lacks clear privacy settings. However, I was able to set it at a level I was comfortable with later. Also, I feel the app goes beyond what I want in that is try’s to be a complete health tracking app. I already use another app for the bulk of my health tracking.This scale is not perfect, but overall, I am happy with this purchase.

  3. E.S.

    In all honesty the scale has been great so far. However, there are pros and cons to any product. If there are any changes I’ll update accordingly.Pros: The app has features that include a task checklist to track your meals, weigh ins, and exercise. You can also track your calories by selecting the food you ingest along with the serving size. Once you weigh yourself it will break down the composition of fat, bone mass and BMI. Your hydration status can affect your accuracy so do keep that in mind.Cons: It can be lacking in options in regards to brands, same with certain foods (orientally speaking). But, i’m sure as they update the data they’ll add more.

  4. Taylor Johnson

    I have more than one profile setup for me and my partner. I’ve been on a weight loss journey and it’s fun to track and record that info daily. It does only connect to the app via Bluetooth. If the scale is not on and the app is not open the info will not transfer.I would say it’s definitely accurate to my doctors scales.We love it ❤️

  5. Susan H.

    I replaced my trusty WW scale for this scale to obtain more health info besides weight, like % body fat, BMI, etc. You do have to remember to have your phone with you when you weigh in, but it does connect/sync with the scale without difficulty. I also setup the app on my wife’s phone so we both can use the scale with separate profiles. My initial weight was 2 lbs higher than expected, but I don’t know if that’s incorrect either, and what’s important is to monitor trends over time. I do like the graphs on the app on my phone for trending and I only have a few data points so far but it’s really nice to monitor what direction you are going on so many metrics in addition to weight.

  6. Garj

    TLDR: really great scale! Has helped me in reaching my fitness goals and giving me a good indicator of whether I’m on the right track or if I need to make adjustments in diet or exercise! 7/5 stars!I love this Etekcity scale!! The app has a fantastic UI and is full of so many useful data points I never had access to before. It also does a great job at explaining what each metric means and how you should interpret it depending on your fitness goals.On top of that, the app even includes some tips and recommendations for reaching your goals, such as amount of calories you should eat, the macronutrient breakdown of those calories, and the frequency and type of exercise you should perform to help meet your goals. I was doubtful that this information would be very accurate, so I calculated my BMR, macros, and calories for an effective lean bulk and it was all spot on!While I can’t say how truly accurate this scale is, that’s besides the point. The point is, it is consistent with its measurements so you can track your own progress. At the end of the day, I don’t care about what my exact muscle mass or body fat percentages are. I care about whether they’re going up or down in the direction I want over time, so I know whether to make adjustments to my routine or continue what I’m doing!

  7. Uriel V.

    I cannot vouch for accuracy on this, though I have to assume that it is very close. I got this to measure my progress and noticed all the extra things it does and it has a dedicated app, so I pulled the trigger. I have not been disappointed with it. Everything is easily traceable through the app. You can even export your progress to an Excel sheet to compare your progress over time.I do have drier feet than most, and probably more callus too. I noticed that on especially dry mornings, it has trouble reading biometrics. I’ve found that it’s best to just use it after a shower when my feet are moistened up. Otherwise, I just wipe my feet with some water on the bottom real quick and away we measure.My only real gripe with this is that the feet are not height adjustable. It would be nice to adjust, since my bathroom is not very flat on the ground. There is only one spot that I can use it in, but it works fantastically anyways.

  8. Angelo Roa

    purchased this to replace my old scale that stopped working properly and made it seem that i either gained or lost a bunch of weight daily. very easy to use. i like that you don’t have to tap and wait for it to turn on and zero out…you can just step on it and after a second or two, it displays you weight in large, easy to read numbers. the app is easy to operate and links up with the scale easily. it records your numbers every time you step on the scale and helps keep track of your weight so you can see how much you fluctuate each time. highly recommend

  9. ebporte

    This scale will repeatedly give readings within .2 pounds of the initial reading. If I decide to hold something that weighs 1/2 pound when I weigh myself again, the total wight will be my initial weight plus 1/2 pound as expected. The scale is very accurate and easy to read. I weighed myself with the scale on a porcelain scale and then on a rug and my weight remained constant. So far this is the best scale we have owned. Much better than electric scales we previously used. I do not believe the scale is simply measuring my weight, and then giving me the same weight again based on it storing the initial weight. The scale would not be able to accurately add the weight of items I hold during consecutive trials if that was how this scale worked. I would recommend this scale to anyone who wants to have a scale that is accurate to help keep track of their weight. This is a grate scale for a very reasonable cost.

  10. Sierra

    I love this scale! Weight is accurate! Not sure how accurate body fat is since I have nothing to compare it too, maybe slightly higher than actual body fat percentage. I still love it and the app works great! I love that you can sync my fitness pal to the app and work on your weight goal whether it is to lose/gain/maintain! Great product to have to have to assist in your goals!

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