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Thick Soft Absorbent Chenille Rubber Backing Bathroom Rugs, Microfiber Dries Quickly, 24×17

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Rubber Backing Bathroom Rugs

Rubber Backing Bathroom Rugs. Thick Soft Absorbent Chenille Rubber Backing Bathroom Rugs, Microfiber Dries Quickly, 24×17.

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10 reviews for Thick Soft Absorbent Chenille Rubber Backing Bathroom Rugs, Microfiber Dries Quickly, 24×17

  1. F’s and T’s

    These are excellent rugs. I just put in vinyl flooring and these rugs STAY where you out them. They are low profile, so putting them over an interior door threshold is perfect! The door close without bunching up the rug. I love my vinyl flooring however I want something to wipe my feet on before stepping onto my new carpet. I’m finding vinyl flooring is more work than carpet but hoping I’ll adjust. Between me, my roomba and dust mop, hopefully I can keep them clean. These rugs will go along way in assisting with my OCD of floor cleanliness. Im buying two more after I submit this review.

  2. Gail

    I have several of these now. I use them where my pets eat, at the top of the basement stairs, by the front door, etc. They don’t slip, so you can wipe your feet easily and they’re great for senior pets who have difficulty on slick surfaces. I don’t really use them as “bath mats”, but I’m sure they’d be great there also. I wash them on delicate, dry them on low and then hang them so any residual wetness dries. They’re holding up very well.

  3. Debra L.

    The color was perfect and the texture of the bathmat was comfy and fun. I was very secure stepping out of the shower (I have Parkinson’s, so non-slippage matters). A very good buy!

  4. Willow

    I’m in the process of changing out all the cushy memory foam bathroom mats from BB&B in our house because even though they feel indulgent and match my decor perfectly, they are death traps.I tried the Gorilla non-slip memory foam mats, but while they were 100% non-slip, I personally didn’t find them very absorbant.Gorilla non-slip chenille bathroom mats hit the sweet spot. They aren’t as cushy as memory foam, but they are soft, absorbent and will not fly out from under you.

  5. Amazon Customer

    These rugs are super absorbent and soft. Really perfect for my needs, both in the bathroom and on the patio inside my back door to wipe feet after walking in the wet grass.

  6. Juanita Harris

    I’ve just bought my second set.My house was hit by lightning and it took out most of my electrical stuff.Anyway I was doing laundry and these rugs were in the machine,the dryer still work so I threw these rugs in(now bear in mind the ones I was washing are a year old).I forgot about them amid all the other stuff and even went shopping for lights.When I realized the dryer was still running I got them out and saw that a lot of the baking had been baked off so I ordered a new set.Before the new set came in my son needed them and spread the older ones on the floor,they are still there,still beautiful,and still sticking to the floor.

  7. C R

    I knew I would like this because of the brand and the reviews. Knowing the Amazon pre-holiday sale was around the corner, I held off purchasing it just to see if I’d get lucky, and I scored a lightning deal! It’s extremely soft on the feet and absorbent, dries super fast and Feels like a quality product. I haven’t had a chance to wash it yet but I’ll be sure to dry on tumble as directed. Honestly, this is worth the full price. Definitely one of my proudest lightning deals.

  8. Missylou

    I love this rug for my family room where my dogs stay. It helps them not to slip on the floor when they are playing. They also like to roll around on it because of the softness. So easy to wash! I have ordered another already.

  9. Kay26

    My older bathroom tile floors did not work well with rugs, they would slide all over and it was really annoying and dangerous. These really are grippy and though they still move with heavy use, they don’t slide like my previous rugs. So I consider that a win, and also, the quality seems really nice, I expect they’ll last a while.

  10. Sunny Side of Life

    These rugs are the exact color I was going for, they match the grout in the bathroom perfectly. They are sticky and stay where you put them. I don’t find them to be sparse like other reviews have stated, I can’t see the backing through the rug. I also ordered a long runner type rug to go in front of our shower. I can’t wait to see how that turns out!

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