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Toilet Plunger with Holder – Gray

(11 customer reviews)


From the manufacturer

OXO Generic Module 1

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Handle Material




Included Components

‎Plunger, Canister

Number of Items


Product Dimensions

‎6 x 5.95 x 24.05 inches



Part Number


Item Weight

‎1.95 pounds

Country of Origin


Item model number



‎6.3 x 24


‎Toilet Plunger



Item Package Quantity


Cutting Diameter

‎6.3 Inches

Batteries Required?


Warranty Description

‎The oxo better guarantee: if you experience an issue with your oxo product, get in touch with us for a repair or replacement. We’re grateful for the opportunity to learn from your experience, and we’ll make it better.

Assembled Diameter

‎6.3 Inches



11 reviews for Toilet Plunger with Holder – Gray

  1. S. Jefferson

    Another Great OXO Product

    My old toilet bowl brush’s container broke apart due to age degradation. So I had nowhere to store my old brush. An update and improvement was in order. I turned to one of my most trusted companies – OXO. I love OXO products in my kitchen, and slowly I’m using their other products all throughout my home. There are two sizes of this bowl brush and container. I chose the larger size. The separate long blue bristles look weird, but it works as designed to get up under the bowl rim, plus it can reach under the bowl cover hinge to clean thoroughly. The brush itself works perfectly. The brush head is small enough that it can clean the entire bottom of the bowl, down in the lowest part. My old brush couldn’t do that. And the holder is ingenious. To extract the brush one simply lifts, and the doors open and stay open, until the brush is put back into its place. The base of the brush holder has openings to allow the water to evaporate, which is an absolute necessity. The only detraction that I’ll mention is that I had to tighten down the brush head upon receipt, because it came loose from the factory. That took all of two seconds. Otherwise, this is another fantastic OXO product; perfectly designed, sturdily made, and reasonably priced.

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  2. Jack

    very well made

    easy open/close for brush removal and replace. great interior idea for drainage. exceptionally well made. best one i’ve ever owned.

  3. PurpleOr

    OXO Toilet Bowl Brush

    I love this toilet bowl brush because it has the added under the rim cleaning brush part on it, that helps clean the nastiness from my husband’s toilet! LolI do like this one also because it doesn’t leak the nasty water out of the holder like our last one did that was an oxo one too, but somehow it failed to contain the drips off the brush in the holder so it went bye-bye as our brand new floor was stained where the other oxo toilet bowl brush holder sat!! Grrr, this particular oxo brush did have replaceable toilet bowl brush heads with it though which made it appealing (??…if one can even say that about a toilet bowl brush! Lol)But I do like the handles for the oxo brand as they’re easier and more comfortable to use in each of the oxo brand of products.

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  4. Stein 3

    Best I have ever used, fits deep under the rim for easy cleaning of the toilet.

    Reaches deeply under the rim of the toilet for easy cleaning, exactly what I was looking for. Easy to clean, excellent product, fit for purpose, matches description.

  5. The Queen

    It’s ok

    I love OXO products and have many of them in my home. This brush keep coming apart when I use it. It arrived in pieces and after screwing the brush to the handle and trying to use it, it kept coming apart.

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  6. Amazon Customer

    Good but pricey

    I used to use this product but at that time it was less than $15 and the handle part was not so thick. Anyway, I have always liked this product because the brushes allow for a good cleaning under the rim of the toilet bowl. Other toilet brushes that I have used were different. I do not like the thickness of the handle. Would be nice if it were thinner as it would be easier to hold and grip. Also, the price should be dropped since I used to be able to purchase it for less than $15. I imagine it went up due to popularity. Overall, so far it has been great. As stated I have always used this item. I purchased it a few weeks ago and have used it several times already. So far so good. 👍👍

  7. J. Finnious

    One Critically Stupid Design Issue

    Overall the combination of the brush and holder are good. The handle is nice, the brush itself works well, however there’s one very annoying issue…The brush head is connected by a screw, meaning as you’re cleaning the toilet bowl it can come unscrewed and start coming off. Do you want to grab the toilet brush and tighten it? In these situations I can put the brush into the toilet bowl’s hole and re-tightening it somewhat, but it’s still a terrible design choice in actual usage.I don’t plan on getting rid of it yet, but I’m sure you can find something else that doesn’t have this issue, which would make another option a more practical choice.

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  8. bookwoman

    Best toilet brush ever!

    How can someone like a toilet brush?! The bristles are very stiff and don’t get soft in the water so it scrubs well. The little blue under the rim piece works great. The holder is a bonus because you can lift the brush in and out without having to touch it in any way. The holder collects the water from the brush at the bottom.

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  9. Andrea

    It’s a plunger

    I like that it has a base that allows it to dry after use & that it’s covered. Other than that, it does what it’s supposed to. What else can you say about a plunger.

  10. Francis Vesely

    The best brush

    This brush cost more but it’s worth it. Well made, sturdy and strong bristles.

  11. Beckster

    Well made

    Love the new cup inside now. Works good ,you can get brush refills too. I own three of them!

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