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Turbie Twist Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap for Women and Men | 2 Pack | Bathroom Essential Accessories | Quick Dry Hair Turban for Drying Curly

(10 customer reviews)


From the brand –

Quick Dry Hair Turban

three turbie twist hair towels stacked, pink on top, white in the middle, purple on the bottomQuick Dry Hair Turban. three turbie twist hair towels stacked, pink on top, white in the middle, purple on the bottom

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  1. turbie twist logo
  2. About Us
  3. Turbie Twist was started by two sisters with a passion for haircare.
  4. Since 1995, the brand has become a household name, selling over 30 million of its flagship Turbie Twist!

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Turbie Twist

Towel form type

Hair Towel

Age Range (Description)

All Ages


Polyester, Polyamide

Product Dimensions

24.5 x 10 x 10 inches

Number of Items






Special Feature

Quick Dry


No Theme

Product Care Instructions

Machine Wash Cold, Tumble Dry Low, No Fabric Softeners


2 Count (Pack of 1)

Unit Count

2 Count

Fabric Type


Package Type

Standard Packaging

Item Weight

7.4 ounces


Turbie Twist



Item model number


Customer Reviews

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4.7 out of 5 stars

17,297 ratings
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4.7 out of 5 stars

Best Sellers Rank

#1,997 in Beauty & Personal Care (See Top 100 in Beauty & Personal Care) #4 in Hair Drying Towels

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

June 15, 2015

10 reviews for Turbie Twist Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap for Women and Men | 2 Pack | Bathroom Essential Accessories | Quick Dry Hair Turban for Drying Curly

  1. Trinity Grace

    My time is limited in the morning. I was my hair, wrap it up in a Turbie and proceed to eat, dress, and do my make up. When I remove the Turbie there is far less dampness in my hair and drying goes more quickly.

  2. Cyndy J.

    I had one of these years ago and was so happy to see they are still offering this product. A great value for a 2 pack! You can’t go wrong with the turby twist

  3. Amazon Customer

    I’ve using Turbie Twist for many years, and nothing compares to it’s softness, quality, and size. Other brands are too thick or too small. And I love the colors and prints available now.

  4. Susannah

    Picture caught me off guard, I thought there were 3 and I got 2 towels. But it IS for 2 towels and I think a good price. I when I got it I was excited to try it and it works great!

  5. Rcc

    Very soft and absorbent. Works like a dream to dry out my hair before styling

  6. Gracie

    These towels just can’t be beat – far superior in absorbency to the cotton version and to other brands.

  7. Gena

    I love this product. Came super fast. I got the cupcake set and it’s very cute. Soft and works great. I have very fine waste length hair and this work perfect. They are thin so don’t expect anything super thick or heavy. But it keeps my hair from dripping everywhere or the weight of a full towel on my head.Wish I had ordered sooner.

  8. Monica

    I have been using one Turbie twist for several years now. It is the cotton version. I started looking for a new one because mine is starting to get old and the elastic is less useful now. When I found this, I wasn’t sure the microfiber would work as well as the cotton version, but the reviews were good so I tried it. And I am thrilled I did. First of all, it absorbs water very well. Second, it is a little bit longer than the older version I had, which I appreciate. When you twist your hair in the towel and fold it back, you want it to be long enough to go through the elastic so it stays put, and this one does that very well! And the elastic is thick and stretches well. I am hoping this one last several years like my last one. I’d like to see Turbie Twist make some more sophisticated colors (I bought a solid dark grey) to go better with bathroom decor. If you want grown women to use this, consider that many of us have nice bathrooms and don’t want pink polka dot hair towels in there. At least consider expanding your range of colors (Navy, different tones of gray, baby blue, emerald green, black, etc.).

  9. NC

    I have used Turbie Towels for years. I love them. They make drying your hair so much more convenient. You flip your head, put the towel on, twist, flip back over and put the end through the loop. Easy peasy. My elastic loops have never broken.These are microfiber, so they feel slightly scratch on your fingers, but it’s not because they aren’t actually soft; it’s strange I know.I used to used these to sleep in, but now I try to used them for about 5 minutes, just to soak up most of the water from my hair. Then I take my hair out, put some cream and gel in, and then diffuse it.I have curly hair, so frizz is a major concern. I’ve read, and I believe it to me true, that these microfiber towels help prevent frizz.I’ve been experimenting with the best uses for these- be it keep my hair in until it’s completely dry, sleep in them, or use for a short time. I think the short time seems to work the best for me.I included photos of what my hair looked like yesterday after it dried.As a curly hair girl, I’ve tried so much stuff. The plopping method. The bowl method. Letting it dry naturally. Diffusing it. No matter what, I always use these towels.My new routine:I’ve been using Amika the Kure multitask repair treatment, followed by Amika soulfood mask as a conditioner (since I only wash my hair once or twice a week). I do this with my hair flipped forward and scrunch up to wash out.Once it’s out or mostly all out- particularly around the roots, I flip my head back up and with water running over it, I part and comb my hair and side bangs to where I want them to be when my hair is dry and styled.Then I flip my head over forward and comb my hair forward again. With my head still flipped forward and water running, I comb the back 1/2 to 2/3 to either side of my head. So, the front half is mostly combed forward, the back half is combed to either side and the water running makes it clump together into thicker pieces. Then I scrunch it up with my hands to release as much water as I can before applying Amika flash instant shine mask. I let that sit for a minute and then, still with my head flipped forward I gently rinse it out by scrunching up. I turn the water off. Still with my head flipped over, I try and separate my side bangs from the rest of the hair that’s combed forward.Then I spray It’s a 10 miracle leave in plus keratin into my hands about 5 sprays worth (not directly on my hair) and also scrunch this up into my hair. I spray some more into my hands and apply it directly to the ends.Now I put my hair in the Turbie Towel, and only twist it once, rather loosely. I keep my hair in this for about 5 minutes.I take it off and I apply Amika curl corps cream between my flat hands on either side of my hair with it flipped forward. I don’t comb it through, so I don’t break up the clumps of hair curls.I apply Amika curl corps gel by scrunching it up into my hair. Then I flip my head back (so I’m upright, and gently pull the strands to make my part where I want it. I apply more cream to the areas I messed with near my part if the clumps separated too much- to try and reshape them. Then I put more gel on.Then I use my hair dryer with a diffuser on warm- not hot, and dry scrunching up with my wad flipped with all the hair to one side, then the other side, then forward and finally when I feel like it’s about 60-75% dry, I use the cold blast setting on the dryer to kinda lock it in.I know this is a lot of possibly unnecessary info- but I hope it helps some curly haired people.*Side note: I am not sponsored by Amika. I just like the brand.


    Bought these for my granddaughter, one set for my daughter’s house and once set for mine. Super cute patterns, but like all Turbie twists, they’re a little rough in the beginning till you wash them once and then they’re fine. My only concern is that it didn’t come in a manufactures box. They came to do a pack rolled in plastic with an Amazon sticker on it so I am going to double check the authenticity. They are “sold by Amazon” so that makes me feel better, but I just wanna make sure they’re the real deal so they don’t break down and fall apart.

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