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Utopia Kitchen 12.5 Inch Pre-Seasoned Cast iron Skillet – Frying Pan – Safe Grill Cookware for indoor & Outdoor Use – Chef’s Pan

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Product Description

Utopia Kitchen 12.5 Inch Pre-Seasoned Cast iron Skillet – Frying Pan

Utopia Kitchen 12.5 Inch Pre-Seasoned Cast iron Skillet - Frying Pan - Safe Grill Cookware for indoor & Outdoor Use - Chef's Pan. Cast Iron Skillet


Skillet Set


Utopia Kitchen 12.5 Inch Pre-Seasoned Cast iron Skillet – Frying Pan

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Indulge yourself in a premium cooking experience with Utopia Kitchen’s glossy & pre-seasoned Cast Iron Skillets. Our skillet pans are available in different sizes, providing you with ample cooking space for different types of dishes while being compatible with various heat sources.


saute pans




skilletCast Iron Skillet 12.5″

non stick Cast Iron Skillet 10.25″

saute panCast Iron Skillet 8″

Cast Iron Skillet 6.5″Utopia Kitchen 12.5 Inch Pre-Seasoned Cast iron Skillet - Frying Pan - Safe Grill Cookware for indoor & Outdoor Use - Chef's Pan

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Utopia Kitchen


Cast Iron

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1.5 Liters

Compatible Devices


Product Care Instructions

Hand Wash Only

Number of Pieces


Has Nonstick Coating


Is Dishwasher Safe


Product Dimensions

16.92 x 13.38 x 12.6 inches

Item Weight

7.74 pounds


Utopia Kitchen



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10 reviews for Utopia Kitchen 12.5 Inch Pre-Seasoned Cast iron Skillet – Frying Pan – Safe Grill Cookware for indoor & Outdoor Use – Chef’s Pan

  1. Anne M. Zingalli

    It’s a great pan if you want to make an 8 inch loaf of bread. You can put the whole pan in the oven. Bread comes out delicious.

  2. Wane

    Very strong pan but have to learn how to maintenance before usage and after with cooking oil.

  3. Blake T.

    It is great, and a good deal! It’s not easy to clean, or very versatile like Amazon asks, but it’s a cast iron pan. You use it for specific things and you clean it differently.

  4. George N

    I didn’t realize how much I would use this pan. So glad to have added it to my kitchen. It’s always on my stovetop. I use vegetable oil and kosher salt to keep the pan clean and prepped. I continue to use no-stick pans for egg preparation. I have four metal spatulas for cast iron and three for the teflon. The pan doesn’t heat evenly, so I rotate things around the pan. The handle gets very hot, so I will be buying the handle cover Amazon offered, if only to prevent me from making a regrettable mistake. I had a glass lid that fit. If you don’t have one, you might want one.

  5. Jlenhikes

    Nice addition to my campsite cookware. This preseasoned cast iron pan worked great on the first use. Cleaned up nicely. Good purchase.

  6. Elaine

    I will say that the pan doesn’t distribute heat as easily as I like, however it is the best pan I’ve had. I do not commit the sin of washing this pan (don’t call me gross it’s authentic) but I wipe it down and will sometimes use water. I like to pretend that I am healthier for using this pan because I get a little bit of iron in my system when I cook with it. I’ve never had luck with nonstick pans but nothing gets stuck to this thing.

  7. D. Loken

    UPDATE:Okay people, it’s been a little over a month since I posted this review and how I re-seasoned it. I added another picture showing how much darker the color is, and it’s still smooth as glass! And it will continue to get darker the more I use it!Okay people, I’ve had this cast iron skillet a few weeks now and here’s my thoughts.When I got the skillet every surface of the skillet inside and out was very rough like sandpaper. So here’s how I fixed it.I took an orbital sander and sanded it down the inside of the skillet. Then I took some Scotch Brite and used a lot of elbow Grease and scrapes all around the rest of the skillet until it was smooth. Then I took some oil, I usually use flaxseed oil, but was out so I used grapeseed oil and put a thin coat all over the pan with a lint free cloth. You could use any high smoke point oil you want. Then I preheated my oven to 400 degrees and put the pan inside upside down. Let it sit in there for an hour and turned the oven off. I let it rest in there overnight until the next day when it was cool and did the same thing, this time at 350 degrees. The next day I did the same thing one more time at 350 degrees.And now the skillet is really smooth top and bottom, and is re-seasoned, top and bottom. Nothing sticks to it, heat distribution is great because it’s cast iron, and I can use it for virtually anything that I want to cook. And it goes from stove to oven without worrying about damaging the skillet.The thing is every time after you cook you have to clean it, without soap! Put it on the stovetop on medium heat to make sure you totally dry it off, get rid of the water! And while it’s really warm want to put a quarter-size spot of oil on the bottom and take a lint free cloth and coat the inside on the skillet with that oil. This is called seasoning your cast iron skillet and it must be done every time after you use it!First few months I’ll be using non-stick cookware on it until it gets a really good coating of seasoning on it. After that I could use metal cookware but for the meantime I’m just going to use nonstick cookware to protect that coating. If you re-season the cast iron skillet this way if it will have a bronze color when you’re done seasoning, this is to be expected! It will get darker in time if the more you use it and the more you season it. You can look on YouTube and find many tutorials on re-season a cast iron skillet this way.If you take care of this pan it can last you a lifetime, or more, you can pass it down to your kids.

  8. MIndy Kirby

    I am a newbie to cooking with a cast iron and this arrived preseasoned and ready to use with instructions. Very helpful.

  9. Paula Gallivan

    used product to make eggs

  10. ShopWisely

    This turned out to be a highly useful purchase. Despite being a senior with a replacement right elbow joint, I have no difficulty lifting this pan using both the handle and the helper loop on the opposite side. After some research, I also purchased the “Full Circle Tenacious C Cast Iron Brush and Scraper” –a skillet scrubber also found on this website which makes cleaning this pan a breeze. I recommend both these items to you.

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