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Utopia Kitchen Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet Set 3-Piece – 6 Inch, 8 Inch and 10 Inch Cast Iron Set

(10 customer reviews)


Product Description

Utopia Kitchen Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet


BannerUtopia Kitchen Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet Set 3-Piece – 6 Inch, 8 Inch and 10 Inch Cast Iron Set.


The smooth finish on cast iron pans allows evenly distributed heat to the food across the surface. The even heat distribution allows improved frying and cooking. Our Pre-seasoned cast iron pans are stoves oven friendly and can be used on induction cook-tops. Our excellent pre-seasoned cast iron surface pan is a great conductor of thermal energy. This thermal conduction allows the excellent quality of cooked food with great taste and flavors.

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Versatile Cookware

With our Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Cookware now cook all you can; whether it be steaks, paninis, vegetables or anything you like your tummies to be fed. The perfectly sized wide diameters allow for ample cooking spaces, making them compatible with oven, stove, grill or over a campfire. These skillets can be used on various heat sources including gas, electric, induction and ceramic-glass top stoves, and ovens. Pay attention while using them on a glass stove-top as slight sliding might cause a scratch to the surfaces.

Prepare delicious dishes and indulge in the best cooking experience at home with this cookware. Whether it be searing, sautéing, simmering, braising, baking, roasting, or frying, this has it all!


Healthy To Use

Our cast iron pan has an added advantage over the regular non-sticky pans. By using the cast iron pan, you can avoid the harmful effects that are found in regular non-sticky pans. The other non-sticky pans are coated with a layer of PFCs (perfluorocarbons) a harmful chemical that is linked to life-threatening diseases like liver damage.



3 Ideal Sized Skillets


  • 3 Piece Cast Iron Skillets (6, 8, 10 Inches)
  • Even-Heat Distribution
  • Factory Seasoned
  • Not Dishwasher-Safe
  • Hand Wash Recommended

11Bring Perfection to Cooking

The lovely shine on the cast iron pan gives it an elegant look. The glossy pre-seasoned surface of the pan allows you to cook with perfection. You don’t need tons of oil to fry your potatoes or to sear the chicken. Our pre-seasoned cast iron pan only requires few tablespoons of oil to do the cooking. Re-season your cast iron pan by applying few milliliters of cooking oil. For better seasoning results it is advisable to cover the bottom layer of the pan with kosher salt. Heat the cast iron pan until the oil starts to smoke. Pour the remaining oil and salt into a bowl and gently rub the surface of the pan with the help of paper towels. Rub until the surface becomes smooth.

3 Piece Non-Stick Frying Pan Set 11 Inch Non-Stick Frying Pan 12.5 Inch Cast Iron Skillet 3 Piece Cast Iron Skillet 3 Piece Non-Stick Frying Pan Set (8 Inch, 9.5 Inch and 11 Inch) 11 Inch Non-Stick Frying Pan 12.5 Inch Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet 3 Piece Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet (6 Inch, 8 Inch and 10 Inch) Finish Non-Stick Non-Stick Cast-Iron Cast-Iron Size 8 Inch, 9.5 Inch and 11 Inch 11 Inch 12.5 Inch 6 Inch, 8 Inch and 10 Inch Pre-Seasoned ✓ ✓ Dishwasher Safe ✓ ✓ Induction Compatible ✓ ✓ Careful handling required on glass cooktops Careful handling required on glass cooktops Seasoning Required No No Pre-Seasoned (Re-season after wash) Pre-Seasoned (Re-season after wash)


Utopia Kitchen


Cast Iron

Special Feature





2 Quarts

Compatible Devices


Product Care Instructions

Hand Wash Only

Number of Pieces


Has Nonstick Coating


Is Dishwasher Safe


Product Dimensions

5 x 10 x 2 inches

Item Weight

8.95 pounds


Utopia Kitchen



Country of Origin


Item model number


10 reviews for Utopia Kitchen Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet Set 3-Piece – 6 Inch, 8 Inch and 10 Inch Cast Iron Set

  1. tina stamper


  2. R. Gill

    These are perfect. You have to re-season these again after getting them. But that’s okay.

  3. CharlieGirl

    I grew up with cast iron skillets, before Teflon! I use them for everything from scrambled eggs to skillet dinners. Very easy to clean if you follow the instructions, which I recommend you read. Three skillets for this price, awesome! I am thrilled with my purchase!

  4. Alexander A. Lochard

    The steaks 🥩 cook really good I love these pans. You can’t beat the price!

  5. Deirdre

    These work as well as more expensive cast iron – great set.

  6. Joanne Villalon

    These cast iron pans are the best to cook with. They are so heavy duty and well made. Very good purchase and a must have for anyone who cooks

  7. Royen

    I bought these despite the reviews. They seem heavy enough but not quite a heavy as Lodge cast iron cookware. They look like they have been sanded down to avoid having all the bumps or sandpaper feel. When they arrived they were a shade darker than gunmetal gray. I have been using cast iron for decades and I know that is not the color of well seasoned cast iron. So because of that and due to all of the negative reviews, the first thing I did was wash and dry thoroughly, then proceeded to season them twice. Once that was done I’ve used them and dried them thoroughly with a cloth and then put them in a 200° oven for 20 minutes and then oiled them. So far I haven’t seen ANY rust whatsoever.I did read the instructions that came with them and noticed they recommend using soap. I never use soap of any kind on cast iron unless I plan to re-season. I look forward to these lasting me a lifetime and be passed down for generations to come.

  8. Scott Windsor

    Nice weight and finish. Better than some cast iron in that the finish is really good. Outstanding value for the money. Pre seasoned is nice. Highly recommend.

  9. Carson

    This isn’t my first rodeo with cast iron pans. This nifty little triplet come in different sizes, with the smaller two hardly being big enough to fit anything more than one or two fried eggs in. Oh, and they’re pretty hefty (but manageable).Size often doesn’t matter, it’s what you can do or want to do with it, obviously. However, I used only the largest pan. They come “preseasoned” that makes it appear and the average person think that it’s ready to use out of the box; but do not be fooled by this claim.I put it to the test and used the largest pan right out of the box – the meat was sticking and left an awful residue on the bottom of the pan. I scrubbed it until what seemed like my fingers would bleed and finally got it to a point where I thought it was clean. Onto the next trial!I stripped the pans. And then I reseasoned them quite a few times over a 12 hour period, and then once more the next day. Yes, the smell was not nice but I figured these seemed durable and well made so might as well give them a second chance. I tried the same meal later, unfortunately same issue – things sticking to the bottom and making it nearly impossible to clean.I’ve never had a problem with cast irons sticking so much. Not sure what’s up with these, but preseason or self season didn’t seem to want to stick on the pan.

  10. Karen Bramley

    They are a good value for the money you will spend . Anyone who is having issues with them , here’s what you need to know . First , they have a rough finish , as they are pre-seasoned . What did I do ? Sanded that off . It’s not terrible , and will give you that smooth finish you want . Most cast iron that you buy today comes pre-seasoned . Then I washed it with mild dish soap ( think Ivory , or Dawn ) and WARM to HOT soapy water . Dry it using non lint cloth ( cut up on old clean t-shirt ) . Then to make sure it’s perfectly dry turn on a burner on medium and sit the pan on it for 5 minutes . While that’s going on I also turned my oven on to 400 degrees . It’s important to make sure that your pans are perfectly dry so I took the extra precaution of putting them into the oven for 10 minutes . Take them out using oven mitts , oiled them down using some clarified butter (unsalted ) making sure that I wiped down the whole pan , sides , bottom , handle , etc . Now wipe off extra oil put the pans into the oven upside down and bake for one hour . Also put them on the middle rack and line the bottom rack with tinfoil . Repeat the oiling down process and baking process 2 more times . You now have a base seasoning , and a smooth surface . It will now clean up really easy . To do that , run the pan under hot water , will it’s hot , NEVER use cold water ,( it will crack ) , use a wooden spoon to scrape off any food , use a lint free cloth ( piece of clean old cut up t-shirt ) , to dry it and stick it on a turned on burner or turned on oven for 5 minutes . That’s it . When cast iron heats up it is self cleaning , also it won’t rust . Over time you will get the black patina that you want . Then you can even cook acidic foods like tomato-based sauces in it .

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