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Wok Pan with Lid, Eleulife 13 Inch Carbon Steel Wok with Spatula, Nonstick Woks and Stir-fry Pans, No Chemical Coated Flat Bottom Chinese Wok for Induction, Electric, Gas Stove,

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Wok Pan with Lid, Eleulife 13 Inch Carbon Steel Wok with Spatula

Eleulife 13 inch wok pan with lid

Wok Pan with Lid, Eleulife 13 Inch Carbon Steel Wok with Spatula. Start a new chapter in your cooking life.

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How did we get our start?

  1. Eleulife is established in 2009, is a company integrating design, production and sales. We collect and listen to the chefs’ voices to optimize our products,and design truly practical and durable kitchen cookware, which will help you start a new chapter in your cooking life.

What makes our products unique?

  1. Carbon steel wok is one of our high-end wok pan collections which has been continuously improved through traditional craftsmanship and combined with modern technology to eventually forge nonstick wok that is sturdy, durable, and rust-resistant.


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Carbon Steel

Special Feature

Non Stick, Hand Polished, Includes Lid


Carbon Steel Black

Compatible Devices

Smooth Surface Induction, Gas, Electric Coil

Maximum Temperature

600 Degrees Fahrenheit

Handle Material


Item Weight

4.39 pounds

Is Oven Safe


Has Nonstick Coating


Is Dishwasher Safe


Product Dimensions

20.5 x 13 x 3.9 inches





10 reviews for Wok Pan with Lid, Eleulife 13 Inch Carbon Steel Wok with Spatula, Nonstick Woks and Stir-fry Pans, No Chemical Coated Flat Bottom Chinese Wok for Induction, Electric, Gas Stove,

  1. j h lemley

    Look no more! Eleulife Carbon Steel Wok is totally awesome. It is so versatile, you can saute, deep fry, and boil in it, you can literally cook anything in it. It gets hot pretty fast and the heat is distributed very evenly. I cook lots of Chinese and Indian dishes and it’s mind-blowing how good the results are, and it’s priced just right. If you do lots of outdoor cooking or choice of having only one wok to cook, this would be it. I don’t know its just gives beautiful flavor to the food you cook in it. Every foodie and every cook should own one.

  2. Matt Just

    I bought this Wok Pan with Lid because it said it would work on all types of stoves. So far, this wok does work well, and I use it on top of induction or gas stovetops for all kinds of food. It seems to be able to do a lot of cooking methods. And the wok and glass lid look and feel like expensive. The grip of the wooden handle is comfortable without the roughness of those cheap plastics. The wok pan itself is also very sturdy and durable, and requires little effort to cook and clean. Truth be told I appreciate the quality.

  3. Ray Matter

    I have tried a few different woks and this one is the best overall. It heats up quickly, is naturally non-stick (with the proper care), perfect size for a family, and seems to be well made and durable. I have tried stir frying, shallow frying, boiling and steaming in this wok and it has now replaced most of my pots and pans. The included glass lid is much better than the other woks that come with an opaque metal lid. My only small wish is that the spatula would be more rounded at the corners to better match the contours of the wok.

  4. Tina

    A wok with lid that doesn’t require pre-seasoning. It is deep enough and large in size compared to other pans. This depth is suitable for most types of cooking, at least in my opinion it is no problem for 3-6 people. I like to use this wok for everything I cook because the food it makes is better than the previous wok. It’s non-stick and very easy to clean up, making routine maintenance so easy. Especially when the whole pot is at a high temperature, the handle will not become very hot, and I have to say that the manufacturer has good control of the details. I’m glad I didn’t pay for another more expensive and familiar name-brand wok. Now this Eleulife 13 Inch Carbon Steel Wok is an irreplaceable existence in my heart.

  5. jcchen

    Did the obligatory egg slide test. Worked. Egg slid right off.Did a couple of stir fry dishes where marinated meat (with corn starch, soy sauce and rice wine) was used. The meat would stick to the old wok and leave behind a black char at the bottom of the wok, but the new wok performed like a champ. No sticking and no black char at the bottom of the new wok.Will the new wok still perform like a champ a year later? I will try to report back a year later.

  6. Elleana Alexander

    I got this wok about three weeks ago , is exactly as description ,very nice pot, I use almost every day forlunch and most for dinners, from burgers and fries to chicken dishes ,pork chaps come out very goodand vegetables too ,cooks very well , i think the food is more tasty . It is worth the money, not toheavy for me, easy to clean, after cleaned I put few drops of oil ,sorry about the picture my computer didn’tlet me do it, i love the pot is beautiful, is my first review.

  7. SweetPotato

    This wok is lightweight yet durable. I’ve sautéed my meatballs in it and look at that char! I also made eggs and they slide around and off on my plate so easily. I am cooking fried rice next dinner so my rice will be so yummy. Just imagine the crispy bits of rice from the takeout, this wok will give you that! It heats up fast and evenly as well. I’ll see how long it lasts, but so far so good! I only use silicone or wooden utensils so it should last me a while. Clean up is a breeze too. I only wipe it down with a damp napkin.

  8. James Sherman

    I love this wok pan with lid that is about to work for the kitchen. Impressively beautifully packaged, nice lid seals well. When I arrived, I checked all over and found that there was not even a single scratch, and the exquisite workmanship was astounding! Then I used this new wok to fry chicken and vegetables after a simple cleaning and it heated up quickly without any odor. Stir fry works very well. I can easily handle it to move my food. And easy to clean as advertised. This nonstick wok will outperform traditional and old-school seasoned wok pans. With all the benefits of new cooking techniques. It’s working. I highly recommend this!

  9. Mark Isayev

    I decided to buy it after seeing other people using similar-looking wok on social media, I hope I can also use this carbon steel wok to create a good cooking/dining experience. After the package arrived I attached the handle according to the instructions to assemble it and it was easy. Then I rinsed it with water, I didn’t season it because the ad said the wok pan was seasoned. I used it to make Spicy Kale Coconut Fried Rice on day 1 and it tasted really good! So I’ve been cooking with this wok pan for the next few days, it’s durable and has replaced many pots and pans in my kitchen by now. Overall, I haven’t found any cons so far with this wok pan, very happy with the purchase, it didn’t let me down.

  10. Taylor

    It comes with a delicate glass lid and an easy-to-use spatula. The size of the wok pan is perfect for my planned cooking. The high-grade wood handles are well-insulated and I was able to hold them without worrying about burning my hands. And its appearance is undoubtedly the most beautiful and refined of the cookie-cutter carbon steel wok. I think in the case of the same function, no one will not prefer something more beautiful. I love making many delicious meals with it and look forward to making more with it in the future. I would recommend this wok pan to anyone cooking food!

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